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Eaton Supercapacitors are high power, long life, maintenance free energy storage. They are used to replace batteries or work in complement to batteries for high reliability applications as backup power, pulse power, voltage control or hybrid power systems. Eaton offers industry leading power and ESR in high reliability applications.

Coin Cells
Coin cell supercapacitors in horizontal, vertical and cylindrical mounting configurations. RoHS, SVHC compliant.

Large Cells
High capacity, low ESR cells for integration into modules. RoHS, SVHC compliant, UL registered.

Multi-cell modules for easy integration, meet environmental requirements and cell management. RoHS, SVHC compliant, UL registered. Modules are configurable into higher voltages to meet customer requirements.

Small Cylindrical Cells
Board mountable, low ESR, cylindrical supercapacitors in single and dual packages with voltage management. RoHS, SVHC compliant, UL registered.

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