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Valpey Fisher

Valpey Fisher Corporation is a world-leading technology company specializing in low noise timing solutions. Our product family includes a broad range of precision timing solutions: (1) Integrated Clock/PLL Timing Modules, (2) High Precision Oscillators, and (3) Hi-Rel Oscillators. Our Integrated Clock /PLL Timing Modules provide a lower cost, single chip timing solution for applications that require ultra low jitter such as optical networking, synchronizing Ethernet, and high definition video broadcast. Our High Precision Oscillators include a broad line of ultra stable OCXOs, stratum 3 TCXOs, ultra low noise VCXOs and XOs. Our Hi-Rel Oscillators are designed and manufactured to MIL-PRF55310 standards and have an exceptional track record in harsh environments. From communications infrastructure to avionics to test and measurement, Valpey Fisher is ready to meet your precision timing needs.
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