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Corporate News

Richardson RFPD Joins LoRa Alliance™ (162KB) 10/23/2018
Richardson RFPD at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 (77KB) 9/14/2018
Annoucning Global Distribution Agreement with Maxwell Technologies (149KB) 6/14/2018
Richardson RFPD at PCIM Europe 2017 (84KB) 4/26/2017
Richardson RFPD Announces Sponsorship of EDI CON 2017 GaN Panel (5KB) 4/4/2017
Richardson RFPD at APEC 2017 (6KB) 3/7/2017
Richardson RFPD Announces Expanded Distribution Agreement with HUBER+SUHNER (5KB) 2/16/2017
Drawing for Autographed Copies of "Quartz Crystals and Oscillators" (6KB) 12/6/2016
Announcing Expanded Distribution Agreement with API Technologies (6KB) 12/6/2016
Richardson RFPD Announces Global Agreement with Tagore Technology, Inc. (6KB) 10/19/2016
Richardson RFPD Announces Participation at EDI CON USA 2016 (4KB) 9/8/2016
Richardson RFPD Announces Global Agreement with Power Integrations (7KB) 8/15/2016
Richardson RFPD Receives Award from DAIHEN (5KB) 8/4/2016
Richardson RFPD Announces Sponsorship of GaN Systems Webinar (7KB) 7/28/2016
Richardson RFPD Announces Agreement with GaN Systems (5KB) 6/17/2016
Richardson RFPD announces IMS 2016 participation (5KB) 5/17/2016
Live Demonstrations of New DFE and SDR Solutions at IMS2016 (6KB) 5/12/2016
Richardson RFPD at IMS 2016 (4KB) 5/3/2016
Richardson RFPD at PCIM Europe 2016 (6KB) 5/3/2016
Announcing Sponsorship of EDI CON 2016 GaN Panel and Small Cell Workshop (6KB) 4/13/2016
Sierra Wireless and Richardson RFPD Sign Global Distribution Agreement (6KB) 4/6/2016
Richardson RFPD at EDI CON 2016 (5KB) 3/31/2016
Richardson RFPD at APEC 2016 (5KB) 3/3/2016
Richardson RFPD and Europtronic Sign Distribution Agreement (101KB) 2/23/2016
Richardson RFPD Bolsters Aerospace & Defense Market Leadership; Earns AS912 (5KB) 2/9/2016

Product News

Introducing New Modular SDR Development Kit (627KB) 1/8/2019
New 174–512 MHz Tunable Bandpass Filter from NewEdge Signal Solutions (598KB) 12/18/2018
Sierra Wireless' Next-Gen mangOH® Open Source Platform for Industrial IoT (643KB) 10/25/2018
100 W and 300 W Power Amp Eval Boards from GaN Systems Now Available (585KB) 10/22/2018
New DC-12 GHz Reflective 10 W SPDT from UMS (83KB) 9/19/2018
New Fast MRI Protection Diode from MACOM (112KB) 7/30/2018
LTE-Advanced Pro Embedded Modules for IoT from Sierra Wireless (114KB) 7/30/2018
200 W Surface Mount Dual Directional Coupler from Innovative Power Products (92KB) 7/9/2018
New Integrated Wideband RF Receiver and Transmitter from Analog Devices (102KB) 6/26/2018
All-in-One Gate Driver Modules for Si and SiC from Tamura (118KB) 6/26/2018
New Wideband RF Transceiver from Analog Devices (102KB) 6/11/2018
New High-Performance Buck Converter Eval Board from GaN Systems (89KB) 6/5/2018
New Half-bridge Gade Drive Power Supply Ref Design from RECOM (72KB) 6/5/2018
Introducing New Board Level Shields from TE Connectivity (94KB) 5/15/2018
Introducing New High-linearity DOCSIS 3.1 CATV Amplifier from MACOM (143KB) 5/11/2018
BC118 AirPrime® Bluetooth Module from Sierra Wireless (123KB) 4/3/2018
New 500–2700 MHz, 25 W Solid State High Power Amplifier from Empower RF (70KB) 3/26/2018
New High-power Insulated Metal Substrate Eval Platform from GaN Systems (76KB) 3/6/2018
Two New DC/DC Converter Series for Fast-switching GaN Drivers from RECOM (125KB) 3/1/2018
New LDMOS 150W Transistor for S-band Radar from NXP (118KB) 2/28/2018
New 0.3 GHz to 6 GHz, 35 W, GaN Power Amplifier from ADI (142KB) 1/19/2018
New 750 W CW, 700–1300 MHz RF Transistor from NXP (98KB) 1/9/2018
New High-performance CATV Amplifier from MACOM (147KB) 1/9/2018
New Ultra-high Power Density LDMOS for Avionics from NXP (98KB) 1/9/2018
GaN Systems’ New Full-bridge Evaluation Board (79KB) 12/12/2017