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Corporate News

Richardson RFPD at APEC 2015 (324KB) 2/27/2015
Announcing Relocation to New Facility (85KB) 12/9/2014
Richardson RFPD at MWE 2014 (78KB) 11/13/2014
Richardson RFPD at IME/China 2014 (414KB) 10/14/2014
Richardson RFPD at the M2M Zone at CTIA Wireless 2014 (292KB) 8/13/2014
Announcing Agreement with Maxtena, Inc. (233KB) 7/9/2014
Richardson RFPD Signs with Radius Power (189KB) 7/8/2014
Arrow's RF & Power Business Announces Agreement with Telegesis, Ltd. (222KB) 5/14/2014
Arrow's RF & Power Business Announces IMS 2014 Schedule (202KB) 5/14/2014
Arrow's RF & Power Business at SNEC 2014 (290KB) 5/13/2014
Announcing PCIM Europe 2014 Schedule (193KB) 5/8/2014
Richardson RFPD at EDI CON 2014 (122KB) 3/27/2014
Announcing Sponsorship of Small Cell Workshop at EDI CON 2014 (123KB) 3/24/2014
Richardson RFPD Launches New Lab Bench Test Website Resource (125KB) 3/18/2014
Announcing New Blog Article by Eric Higham on Company Website (108KB) 3/18/2014
Announcing Latest Blog Article by Joe Madden on Company Website (108KB) 3/6/2014
Richardson RFPD at APEC 2014 (186KB) 3/4/2014
Announcing Sponsorship of EDI CON 2014 GaN Panel (122KB) 2/25/2014
Richardson RFPD Launches the Next Generation of the TriQuint GaN Tech Hub (142KB) 2/6/2014
Announcing New SiC Products Brochure (154KB) 1/28/2014
Announcing Expanding Video Selection in Online Design Resource Center (124KB) 1/14/2014
Richardson RFPD Announces SiC Tech Hub (150KB) 12/5/2013
New Blog Article by Joe Madden on Company Website (109KB) 11/12/2013
Richardson RFPD at IEEE COMCAS 2013 (105KB) 10/3/2013
Announcing Availability of Videos by Leading Innovators and Suppliers (145KB) 7/11/2013

Product News

Introducing 5–25 GHz (RF) / 4–23 GHz (LO) Low Noise Active Mixer from MACOM (69KB) 3/3/2015
Introducing DOCSIS 3.1-Compliant Passive Components from MACOM (106KB) 2/26/2015
Introducing 125W continuous wave GaN on SiC transistor from Freescale (105KB) 2/24/2015
Introducing 25–3000 MHz Fractional-N PLL with Integrated VCO from ADI (136KB) 2/19/2015
Introducing Two New 200W PIN Diode Switches from MACOM (113KB) 2/17/2015
Introducing GaAs pHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifier from ADI (65KB) 2/12/2015
Introducing 13mΩ All-Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Module from Cree (93KB) 1/29/2015
Introducing New DOCSIS 3.1-Compliant Switch from Peregrine (70KB) 1/29/2015
Introducing 100W PIN Diode SP3T Reflective Switch from MACOM (147KB) 1/20/2015
Introducing New Family of Antenna Tuning Control Switches from Peregrine (127KB) 1/8/2015
Introducing 5 Small Cell Power Amplifiers from Skyworks (122KB) 1/8/2015
Introducing L-Band 90W GaN Modules for Avionics and Radar from MACOM (136KB) 1/6/2015
Introducing Up-converter for 27.5–33.4 GHz Point-to-Point from MACOM (82KB) 1/6/2015
Introducing New Integrated Bias Network for 2–18 GHz from MACOM (83KB) 1/6/2015
Introducing Availability of Hittite Microwave Products from ADI (63KB) 12/18/2014
Introducing Cree All-Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Module and Driver (110KB) 12/16/2014
Introducing Cree All-Silicon Carbide 3-Phase Module & 6-Channel Gate Driver (135KB) 12/16/2014
Introducing Peregrine 50–3000 MHz RF SP4T Switch (112KB) 12/12/2014
Introducing New TriQuint 2.7–3.7 GHz GaN Power Amplifiers (129KB) 12/2/2014
Announcing Silicon Carbide MOSFET Evaluation Kit from Cree (97KB) 11/26/2014
Introducing New MIMO RF Transceiver from Lime Microsystems (81KB) 11/26/2014
Introducing Four-Stage E-Band Driver Amplifier from MACOM (104KB) 11/18/2014
Introducing UltraCMOS Switch from Peregrine (113KB) 11/13/2014
Introducing GaN Amplifier for DOCSIS 3.1 CATV from ANADIGICS (118KB) 11/11/2014
Three New 1200V SiC MOSFETs in Three Different Package Styles from Microsem (133KB) 11/7/2014

Supplier News

Announcing Sponsorship of TriQuint GaN Webinar (107KB) 2/18/2014
Richardson RFPD and Wavelex Announce Launch of Wavelex Website (127KB) 8/13/2013
Richardson RFPD and Lime Microsystems Sign Distribution Deal (31KB) 2/15/2013
Richardson RFPD and Cree Sign Distribution Deal (108KB) 2/5/2013
Richardson RFPD Surpasses 15M Fractus Antennas Shipped (161KB) 9/5/2012
Linx and Richardson RFPD Announce Distribution Agreement (112KB) 8/24/2012
Introducing TriQuint GaN Tech Hub (120KB) 8/23/2012
Teledyne Expands Role in Europe with Richardson RFPD (93KB) 5/2/2012
Richardson RFPD and PriaTherm Sign European Distribution Deal (91KB) 4/24/2012
Richardson RFPD and TRU Corporation Complete Global Distribution Agreement (80KB) 3/22/2012
Richardson RFPD and ADI to Present Live Webinar on Integrated R (31KB) 3/15/2012
Richardson RFPD and RECOM Power Team-Up for Global Distribution (31KB) 12/14/2011
Richardson RFPD Signs Worldwide Distribution Agreement with ADI (31KB) 12/1/2011
KORE, ClearConnex and Richardson RFPD Launch Quickstart Dev Kit for M2M (35KB) 10/11/2011
Richardson RFPD Selected by Gore as Global Disty for PHASEFLEX (31KB) 6/22/2011
Richardson RFPD and Kendeil Team-Up to Improve Capacitor Lead Times (33KB) 6/21/2011
Richardson RFPD Signs Worldwide Agreement with Tamura Corporation (39KB) 4/6/2011
Richardson RFPD and Maxwell Technologies European Expansion (39KB) 3/15/2011
Maestro Wireless Distribution Agreement (179KB) 2/22/2011
Powerex Announces 6th Gen IGBT (35KB) 2/16/2011
Richardson Electronics Named TriQuint's Top Distributor of the Year (27KB) 7/20/2010
LS Research Wireless Modules Distribution Agreement (42KB) 4/13/2010
Richardson Electronics and Scintera Linearization Technology (41KB) 2/9/2010
Vincotech GPS Receiver System Solutions Now Available (26KB) 10/30/2009
Sarantel Distribution Agreement (30KB) 10/27/2009