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Semiconductors - Discretes > Diodes > RF Diodes > RF PIN Diode

The MACOM Shunt PIN Diode Series is designed for customers who need a versatile, low cost, ultra-small Shunt PIN diode element for land mobile radio, wireless infrastructure and test instrument applications. MACOM’s small, 1.5 X 1.2 mm plastic package reduces board space while enabling broadband performance comparable to chip-scale devices. Typical applications include high power switching through 6 GHz with incident power up to 100 W.
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Found 3 'MACOM Shunt PIN Diode Series' Products that matched
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MADP-011027-141MADP-011027-14150TMACOM Technology SolutionsRF PIN Diode 3000+ $1.16
Request Quote for Lead Time35419
 50 12000 1000.241.9DFNSurface Mount
MADP-011028-141MADP-011028-14150TMACOM Technology SolutionsRF PIN Diode 3000+ $1.17
Request Quote for Lead Time15671
 50 12000 2000.243.4DFNSurface Mount
MADP-011029-141MADP-011029-14150TMACOM Technology SolutionsRF PIN Diode 3000+ $1.28
Request Quote for Lead Time 
 50 12000 4000.311.5DFNSurface Mount