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Packaged Ku-band 2W GaN Driver Amplifier
The TGA2958-SM delivers 2W of saturated output power with 20 dB large signal gain, >25% PAE and >25dB small signal gain, making it versatile to support a variety of low-power Kuband systems or as a linear, high-voltage driver for Qorvo’s line of high-power Ku-band amplifiers.

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GaN Bias Controller/Sequencer Module
MACOM's dual supply (-8V to -3V, +12V to +55V) MABC-001000 provides proper gate voltage and pulsed drain voltage biasing for a device under test. The bias controller module offers protection and dynamic control of all MACOM high-power transistors, including its GaN portfolio.

RF Power LDMOS Transistor for ISM & Industrial Heating Applications
Freescale's MRF7S24250N is a 250W RF power transistor designed for ISM and industrial heating applications at 2450 MHz. Suitable for use in CW, pulse and linear applications, this high-gain, high-efficiency, rugged device is targeted to replace industrial magnetrons and will provide longer life and easier servicing.

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20 MHz-3 GHz SPDT Switch for IoT & M2M Applications
The SKYA21001 from Skyworks is an AEC-Q100 qualified SPDT switch featuring low insertion loss and positive voltage operation with very low DC power consumption. Offered in a compact 2x1.25 mm package, it is designed for a variety of automotive wireless control applications, from infotainment to vehicle tracking and WiFi.

1700V SiC MOSFET Featuring C2M™ Technology & N-Channel Enhancement Mode
Wolfspeed's C2M1000170J provides high blocking voltage with low RDS(on), low parasitic inductance, ultra-low drain gate capacitance, and a separate driver source pin. Easy to parallel and simple to drive, it offers higher system efficiency, smooth switching waveforms, reduced cooling requirements, and increased system reliability.

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Ultra-Low Noise, Flat Gain LNA
Qorvo's TQL9092 offers 0.53 dB noise figure over its 0.6 to 4.2 GHz operational bandwidth, with 22.6 dB of flat gain and adjustable bias for linearity optimization. It is pin-for-pin compatible with Qorvo’s TQP3M9037 and is highly suitable for cellular infrastructure and A&D applications.