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650W GaN on SiC HEMT for L-band
Avionics Applications

MACOM's MAGX-00912 is internally matched across the 960-1215 MHz Band and features 20 dB typical gain, 62% efficiency at a pulse width of 128 µs and 10% duty cycle. It is is available in a standard flange package (MAGX-000912-650L00) and an earless flange package (MAGX-000912-650L0S).

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10W and 30W GaN on SiC HEMTs
with Input-Matching

Qorvo's TGF3015-SM (10W, 0. 03-3 GHz) and TGF3021-SM (30W, 0.03-4 GHz) are suitable for military and civilian radar, land mobile and military radio communications, test instrumentation, wideband and narrowband amplifiers, and jammer applications. They are part of Qorvo's leading-edge GaN innovation, from DC through Ka-band.

Phase and Amplitude Controller
for Doherty Amplifiers

Peregrine's PE46120 is an MPAC designed for precise control of two independent RF paths. It optimizes system performance while reducing manufacturing costs of transmitters that use symmetric or asymmetric Doherty PA designs to efficiently process signals with large peak-to-average ratios. It integrates a 90° RF splitter, digital phase shifters and a DSA along with a low voltage CMOS serial interface.

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High-Performance Passive Iridium
Helical Antenna

Maxtena's M1621HCT-P-SMA is a high-performance Iridium-certified passive antenna designed for wireless applications. Built on proprietary Maxtena Helicore® technology, it provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor.

Three GaN on SiC, Quasi-MMIC HEMTs
These three new internally-matched, Quasi-MMIC devices from UMS include a 15W L-band driver, a 50W C-band HPA, and a 200W L-band HPA.

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2G CDMA Modem for M2M Applications
The M100CDMAPLUS is part of the Maestro Wireless M100 Series of compact, intelligent industrial modems for M2M applications facing tough environmental conditions and extended lifetime requirements.