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DC-26 GHz GaAs SPDT Non-reflective Switch

MACOM's MASW-011107-DIE SPDT switch provides < 2.0 dB insertion loss and > 40 dB isolation. The combination of broadband performance, fast switching (20 ns) and excellent settling time makes this device versatile for a range of applications, including test and measurement, EW and broadband communication systems.

DC-8 GHz 1 W GaAs Power Amplifier

Microsemi's MMA053AA is a wideband PA chip that maintains flat gain of 17 dB and OIP3 of +43 dBm from DC to 8 GHz with bias of 11 V/410 mA, making it ideal for EW, ECM, radar, and test equipment applications.

300 W RF LDMOS Transistor in TO-247 Package

NXP's high-ruggedness MRF300AN and MRF300BN are designed for use in high-VSWR ISM applications and HF and VHF communications, as well as and radio and VHF TV broadcast, sub-GHz aerospace and mobile radio applications. Their unmatched input and output design allows for wide frequency range use from 1.8 to 250 MHz.

2.4 GHz ZigBee®/Thread/Bluetooth® Front-End Module

Skyworks' SKY66403-11 FEM operates from 1.8-3.6 V and features an integrated PA with up to +21 dBm output power, an LNA, antenna diversity switching for all modes, and a compact MCM package. It is designed for ease-of-use and maximum flexibility for IoT applications, particularly within the connected home and wearables markets.

Ruggedized SMT EMI Ground Pads

The Supersoft Series of GORE® SMT EMI gaskets and grounding pads are standard components that enable designers to create EMI shields in non-linear 2-D or 3-D shapes, reduce device thickness where EMI cans are used, and create grounding points as needed in a very small footprint on the circuit board.

SMA Straight Jack-to-Plug Adapter, Quick Connect

Amphenol RF's 901-10565 SMA straight jack-to-plug adapter features impedance of 50 Ohms and operation up to 18 GHz. It is suitable for use in test and measurement applications.

3 V, 3400 F Ultracapacitor

Maxwell's BCAP3400P300K04 is designed to support the latest trends in renewable energy, industrial electrification and transportation. Designed from the ground up, Maxwell developed this 3 V, 3400 F cell to be the highest energy, highest power workhorse of its ultracapacitor portfolio.