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Reference Design for Wolfspeed's New WolfPACK™ SiC Power Modules

The CRD25AD12N-FMC reference design demonstrates the application of Wolfspeed's WolfPACK™ power modules to create a bidirectional high power density Active Front End that can be applied to EV fast charging, industrial motor drives, power supplies and renewable energy applications. The design is ideal for scaling up to higher power levels by interleaving multiple 25kW AFEs.

45-1218 MHz CATV Power Doubler Hybrids

Analog Devices' ADCA3950 and ADCA3952 achieve high RF output (+74 dBmV and +73.3 dBmV total composite power, respectively) by using advanced circuit design techniques with GaAs pHEMT and GaN HEMT technologies. The new hybrid modules provide 25 dB gain and are packaged in industry-standard SOT-115J packages, simplifying the design and manufacturing of DOCSIS 3.1 infrastructure equipment.

Cat-M/NB-IoT BT/Wi-Fi Board with Orange Dataplan

Build low-power IoT applications that can run for 10 years on a battery with the newest and smallest mangOH platform for sending edge data to the cloud. mangOH™ Yellow + Orange includes the mangOH Yellow with Cat-M1/NB-IoT WP7702 module and an Orange SIM card. Regional and global plans can be quickly and easily customized.

5G NR Sub 6 GHz Module

Fibocom's FM150-NA supports 5G SA and NSA network architectures, with faster transmission speed, better carrying capacity and lower network latency. It also supports the 5G NR Sub6 band and is compatible with LTE and WCDMA standards, eliminating customers' investment concerns in the initial stage of 5G construction and responding to the commercial demand of rapid landing.

9.3-9.6 GHz, 25W, Packaged GaN MMIC PA

Wolfspeed's CMPA9396025S is a GaN MMIC designed specifically from 9.3-9.6GHz to be compact and provide high-efficiency, which makes it ideal for marine radar applications. The MMIC delivers 25W minimum at 100uSec pulse-width and 10% duty cycle. The 50 ohm, 3-stage MMIC is available in a plastic 6mm QFN package.

C-Band n78 Bandpass Filter

CTS Electronic Components' UPB350A is a surface mount, ceramic filter featuring a small size, high rejection and low loss. Developed for use in Infrastructure applications for C-Band covering 3.3-3.8GHz, CTS Monoblock Series Filters are designed to minimize ripple and maximize rejection.

10mm SMT Circulator Covers Band n46

The Molex 802-515-592-VPT circulator features a surface mount package, 0.35 dB insertion loss, 20 dB isolation, 20 dB return loss, 50 W forward power, and -60 dBc IMD over the 5.15-5.925 GHz frequency range.

RF Jumpers: 50 Ω, Low-Loss Cable Assemblies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers RF cable jumpers in multiple configurations to cater to most applications. They currently supply 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm, and 3.5 mm connector types on 0.079" coax, but custom lengths and configurations are available. CarlisleIT provides end-to-end solutions that encompass precision RF connectors, RF jumpers and adapters