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27-31.5 GHz 2.3W Power Amplifier for 5G & VSAT

MACOM's MAAP-011298 4-stage Ka-band PA provides 24.5 dB of linear gain, 2.3W saturated output power and 26% efficiency while biased at 6V. It is assembled in a lead-free 5mm 32-lead AQFN plastic package and can be used as a PA stage or as a driver stage.

RF System-on-Module for 5G and A&D

Analog Devices’ ADRV9009-ZU11EG is a highly integrated and customizable RF-SOM based on two synchronized ADRV9009s and Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC. It features a tuning range of 75 MHz to 6 GHz, quad transmitters and quad receivers, making it suitable for 5G, A&D, and other applications.

Thermally-Enhanced 1400W GaN on SiC HEMT

Wolfspeed's GTVA101K42EV is a GaN on SiC HEMT designed specifically with high efficiency, high gain and wide bandwidth capabilities. This makes the GTVA101K42EV ideal for applications in the 0.96–1.215 GHz frequency band. The transistor has extremely high power density with 1.4kW ouput power.

Octave All-in-One Edge-to-Cloud Solution

Cartesiam's NanoEdge™ AI Studio is a software solution running on Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu. It removes traditional AI barriers and lets users easily create a machine learning static library to embed in the main program running on any ARM© Cortex© M microcontroller.

LoRa® System-in-Package Family for IoT Applications

Microchip's ATSAMR34 is a highly integrated LoRa® SiP device, available in a 6x6mm BGA package, that includes an ultra-low power, high-performance 32-bit MCU, LoRa transceiver and software stack. The SAM R34/R35 family's performance and rich set of radio and peripheral features make it ideal for long-range applications requiring battery longevity.

DUO mXTEND™ Tiny Chip Antenna for Smart Tracking Devices

The DUO mXTEND™ antenna booster from Fractus Antennas features dual antenna ports to support both GPS and Bluetooth applications with the same device. The ultra-minaure size (7x3x2mm) coupled with no required clearance area makes this an ideal antenna for space-constrained IoT solutions.

Extreme RF Cable Assemblies Gain

SV offers a complete line of fixed length, high frequency cable assemblies utilizing SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, SMP, SMPM & SMPS connectors on flexible Ø.047 and Ø.085 cable types. SV's cable assemblies feature low solder wicking, and the high flexibility allows for tight bends behind the cable ferrule.