CO2 Laser Exciter

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Richardson RFPD provides components and design support for the RF amplifier needed to excite a CO2 laser system. We offer both discrete and integrated RF semiconductors, including transistors, power amplifiers, digital attenuators, and pallet amplifiers. We also stock all of the necessary passive RF components needed to complete the amplifier design. This includes baluns, couplers, combiners, splitters, signal detectors, fixed RF capacitors, tuning capacitors, tuning inductors, coaxial cables, connectors, heat sinks, gaskets, filters, RF resistors, and RF terminations. Our portfolio includes commercial-grade and high-reliability parts.

Please browse our CO2 Laser Exciter product categories, below, as well as the application notes and white papers included in the Technical Resources section. And please do not hesitate to contact us for design assistance.


Richardson RFPD employs more RF engineers than any global distributor. By offering deep technical expertise to support the latest products from the leading suppliers in RF & Wireless and Energy Technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help customers meet the challenges of changing markets.

A CO2 laser tube is a sophisticated device, composed of a plasma tube filled with a special mixture of CO2 and other gases, and RF (radio frequency) electronics. The function of the entire assembly is to turn electrical energy into concentrated light energy.

For more detailed information on CO2 lasers, their uses, and the RF amplifier needed to excite a CO2 laser system, please refer to the technical articles and design considerations found in the Technical Resources tab.

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