FM (88-108MHz)

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The 88-108MHz frequency band has been allocated for FM radio broadcasting.   Our products and services support high power transmitters including multi-kilowatt systems. Our expertise includes design support from prototype to production, offering specialized technical assistance from our local design engineers located around the globe.

Richardson RFPD can assist your FM transmitter design team with:

  • High-Power FM Amplifier/Transmitter Component Selection
    We help design engineers select the optimum active and passive components for FM broadcast transmitters from an extensive inventory of high-power RF components.
  • Design Solutions
    Our global engineering team provides design solutions by assisting companies with component selection and offering higher levels of integration with pallets and full amplifiers.
  • Engineered RF Amplifier Solutions

Richardson RFPD employs more RF engineers than any global distributor. By offering deep technical expertise to support the latest products from the leading suppliers in RF & Wireless and Energy Technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help customers meet the challenges of changing markets.

Originally patented in 1933 by Major Edwin Armstrong, frequency modulation (FM) broadcasting offered multiple audio improvements to AM broadcasting. Although superior to AM broadcasting, actual listenership of FM didn’t overtake AM in North America until 1978 and it continues to be significantly more popular today. Even with the popularity of digital audio files such as MP3, many portable players also receive FM radio signals proving the immense popularity of the medium.

The RF Amplifier provides the brute strength of the FM Transmitter. Richardson RFPD supports critical components of the Amplifier; including: RF power transistors, hybrid couplers, pallet amplifiers, GPS receiver modules (timing), RF terminations, RF coaxial connectors, and thermal management systems (including heat sinks, clamp compression systems, and liquid-cooled chill plates).

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