Point-to-Point Radio

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The rapidly evolving demand for wireless data, video and mobile services is driving the call for higher bandwidths and data rates in backhaul telecommunications systems, at lower costs. Richardson RFPD is a leader in supplying high performance power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switches, mixers and other devices essential to meeting next generation point-to-point requirements.


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Richardson RFPD employs more RF engineers than any global distributor. By offering deep technical expertise to support the latest products from the leading suppliers in RF & Wireless and Energy Technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help customers meet the challenges of changing markets.

Point-to-point radio applications encompass video, cellular voice and data networks, enterprise LAN and building-to-building networks, wireless ISPs and more. Point-to-point links can operate from 2Mbps to LAN speeds, and they can be deployed over considerable distances, depending on line-of-sight and suitable relay points.

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