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Power Conditioning – Enhancing/Stabilizing AC Drive Power

In today’s productivity-driven world, we have many industrial processes that depend on high-quality, stable AC power to drive high-powered precision motors and machines. These machines can be as large as a drilling machine on an off-shore oil rig, or as small as the computer-driven lathe making tiny parts for watches. In either case, the AC power driving the machine needs to be very stable. One uncontrolled overvoltage (spike) or undervoltage (droop) condition could shut the machine down (in an uncontrolled fashion) and lead to costly down-time and maintenance.

For these critical applications, our Power Conversion engineering team recommends using robust “Power Conditioning” systems to guard against harmful power fluctuations. These Power Conditioning systems can be based on large, stand-alone modules or the conditioning can be based on a design made with individual components – perhaps built right into the individual drive/inverter circuit. We supply both types of power conditioning circuitry.

See the block diagram below for ideas and information to help you design a Power Conditioning solution that meets your specific needs.

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Power Conditioning Block Diagram

Please contact us here for design support regarding your specific Power Conditioning application.