RF Heating

Richardson RFPD offers solutions to support the transition from legacy RF power vacuum device-based systems to more reliable solid-state transistor-based systems for RF heating applications. Our selection of innovative RF components optimized for this application enable solutions that deliver and control large amounts of energy in a high efficiency, high-resolution manner for commercial and industrial RF heating applications.

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RF heating is an exciting, evolving application, where innovative new uses for microwave energy are emerging. Using solid-state circuitry instead of traditional magnetrons, RF energy is being generated, controlled and directed with new levels of precision for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

Several of Richardson RFPD leading suppliers are members and/or founding members of the RF Energy Alliance, a non-profit technical association comprised of companies dedicated to realizing solid-state RF energy’s true potential as a clean, highly efficient and controllable heat and power source.

    Solid-state RF energy offers many advantages, including:
  • Low voltage drive
  • Improved reliability and longevity
  • Smaller form factor
  • Exceptional control of frequency, phase, power and energy levels of the RF signal
  • Even energy distribution
  • Fast adaption to changing load conditions

Applications that stand to benefit from solid-state RF heating include white goods appliances, industrial drying, scientific and environmental chemical processing, and medical applications like RF ablation.