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Radar systems use radio waves to determine the altitude, direction, range and speed of objects. As an RF and Wireless specialist, Richardson RFPD has extensive expertise in this field, for both civilian- and defense-based radar systems for ground, air and marine applications. Whether it is the transmitting amplifier or the sensitive receive side section, which interprets the data, we offer a number of products and services optimized for radar systems.

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Richardson RFPD employs more RF engineers than any global distributor. By offering deep technical expertise to support the latest products from the leading suppliers in RF & Wireless and Energy Technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help customers meet the challenges of changing markets.

The basic principle of radar operation is simple to understand. A radar system transmits electromagnetic energy and analyzes the energy reflected back to it (by an object). Designing a radar system, on the other hand, is very complex. The implementation and operation of any radar system involves a wide range of disciplines such as structures, mechanical and electrical engineering, high power microwave engineering, and advanced high speed signal and data processing techniques.

For more detailed information on this application, please refer to the technical articles and design considerations found in the Technical Resources tab, including:
Basic Principles of Radar

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