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The demands in wireless infrastructure applications have increased significantly in recent years, and today's networks require ever-increasing bandwidths and faster technologies to meet those demands. As an RF and microwave specialist, Richardson RFPD has supported the wireless infrastructure market since its inception, and we continue to provide design support for the market-leading component vendors of high performance analog and select digital products that meet the needs of this unique market.

Let us help you find the solutions to meet your Wireless Infrastructure needs. Our diverse selection of products and services cover the entire range of Wireless Infrastructure applications. Click the links below to see what we offer for each application. For other inquiries, please Contact Us.

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The demand from consumers for ubiquitous data, video and mobile services, coupled with the high reliability and lower capital and operating expenditure requirements from telecom operators, has driven RF amplifier suppliers to solve these diametrically opposed conditions.

The results have yielded new technologies and architectures, such as predistortion and Doherty, as well as new small cells (Femto, Micro, Pico), plus a new assortment of product classes such as Remote Radio Heads, Distributed Antennas Systems, to cover both enterprise and consumer grades.

Richardson RFPD is a leader in supplying high performance analog and digital semiconductors, passive and interconnect products essential to meeting the current and next generation of Wireless Infrastructure solutions.

For more detailed information on this application, please refer to the technical articles and design considerations found in the Technical Resources tab, including:
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