Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Like many Fortune 500 customers, utilizing our EDI capabilities can save you time, money and eliminate paperwork. The use of EDI guarantees optimal efficiency and accuracy of supply chain transaction processing. Your purchase order is transmitted to our EDI computer system, which mobilizes our distribution logistics team to get the products you need out the door promptly.

We adhere to the ANSI X12 or EDIFACT Standards for EDI and are capable of handling the following transaction sets:


 Transaction Name ANSI X12 / EDIFACT Code
 Invoice 810 / INVOIC 
 Planning Schedule / Forecast 830 / DELFOR 
 Request for Quotation 840 / REQOTE 
 Response to Request for Quotation 843 / QUOTES 
 Purchase Order 850 / ORDERS 
 Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 / ORDRSP 
 Purchase Order Change 860 / ORDCHG 
 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement 865 / ORDRSP 
 Functional Acknowledgement 997 / CONTRL 











 Transaction Name ANSIX12 / EDIFACT Code
 Invoice 810 / INVOIC 
 Price/Sales Catalog 832 / PRICAT
 Product Transfer Account Adjustment
(Ship & Debit Claim)
844 / SSDCLM 
 Price Authorization Status  845 / ATHSTS
 Inventory Advice 846 / INVRPT
 Response To Product Transfer Account Adjustment
 (Ship & Debit Response)
849 / SSDRSP 
 Purchase Order 850 / ORDERS 
 Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 / ORDRSP
 Ship Notice 856 / DESADV
 Product Transfer and Resale Report 867 / SLSRPT 
 Order Status Report 870 / ORDREP 
 Functional Acknowledgement 997 / CONTRL 

To learn more about our EDI capabilities, email our E-Commerce Specialists or contact your local sales engineer.

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