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Engineered Assemblies

Our experienced Power Conversion engineers are available to design both air- and water-cooled assemblies to your specifications with a wide range of options. Each assembly will be manufactured in an ISO9001:2000 facility with ESD capabilities.

Available options include:

  • Front-end controlled/uncontrolled bridge
  • Laminated bus structure
  • Optimized gate drive
  • Bus capacitors
  • Current measurement
  • Thermally-designed heat sink
  • Latest generation power semiconductors

Engineered Assembly examples:

  • Renewable energy converters
  • High power DC-DC converters
  • UPS inverters
  • Large HP motor drive power stages
  • Large kW power supplies
  • Energy Storage systems with super capacitors
  • Welding bridges
  • Front End Rectifier bridges
  • DC drive power stages
  • Capacitive discharge switches
  • Resistive load banks
  • Power quality assemblies
  • High Voltage Industrial RF Pallets

To learn more about our power conversion assembly capabilities, contact your local sales representative.


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