RF Custom Cable Assemblies

Richardson RFPD can design, engineer and manufacture custom cable assemblies to meet specific technical requirements, timelines and budgets. We have access to connector manufacturers worldwide and can normally deliver custom assemblies in 1-3 weeks, and sometimes within days.

We can build cables assemblies using a variety of connectors, which include some of these common RF series and many others: 2.4mm, 2.92mm, BNC, F, MCX, MMCX, N, QMA, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, SSMA , SSMB, SSMC, SSMP, TNC,.

We can assemble custom cables using RG-402, RG-405 and other various semi-rigid cables, hand-formable semi-flex, and many varieties of flexible cable from military thru commercial, as well as High Performance test cables in any length needed. All assemblies are subject to both mechanical and electrical inspection.

Standard test, flexible, semi-rigid and hand-formable cable assemblies are available immediately from stock using standard RF Connectors from the industry leaders.

Let us build a custom cable assembly to your specifications

We can help determine the best products to meet your needs. Simply submit your requirements using our Custom Cable Builder Worksheet.

To learn more about RF custom cable assembly capabilities, contact your local sales representative.

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