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Standard Assemblies

Richardson RFPD builds standard power conversion assemblies with common devices and materials to address many different applications. Our standard assemblies are available in both air- and water-cooled versions and can be integrated to form many different circuit types.

Each assembly is factory-tested and shipped ready for installation.

Configuration examples:

  • SCR Resistance Welding AC Switches
  • SCR and Diode Assemblies:
    • Water-cooled
    • Air-cooled
  • Three-Phase and Single-Phase Bridges in standard and regenerative versions:
    • Fully-controlled
    • Half-controlled
    • Uncontrolled
  • IGBT Inverters in multiple configurations:
    • Chopper
    • H-Bridge
    • Three-Phase Bridge
  • Power Resistor Networks
  • Resistive Load Banks
  • Super Capacitor Energy Storage Systems
  • DC Link Capacitor Networks
  • Machined Heat Sinks

To learn more about our power conversion assembly capabilities, contact your local sales representative.


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