Ignion is reshaping the world's IoT connectivity. A global antenna innovator with proven manufacturing capabilities to scale and create the new generation of multiband, multipurpose and ready-to-use, chip antennas. Ignion´s mission is to accelerate IoT and empower the ecosystem with off-the-shelf antenna solutions.
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Application Notes

  ALL mXTEND: Impact of clearance size and PCB size on efficiency

  ALL mXTEND: Sharkfin automotive devices

  ALL mXTEND: Simple and cost-efficient smart meter antenna integration

  BAR mXTEND: 2G/3G/4G Handsets

  BAR mXTEND: A standard antenna solution for mobile frequency bands


  COMPACT DUAL-BAND REACH Xtend: Headsets, BT, Wi-Fi

  Compact Reach Xtend: BT and Wi-Fi Headsets

  CUBE mXTEND: Standard antenna solution for mobile frequency bands

  CUBE mXTEND: Three port antenna solution for mobile frequency bands

  NN03-310 Mobile 5G Application Note

  Micro Reach Xtend: Space Saving for BT WiFi Headsets

  Micro Reach Xtend: Bluetooth and WiFi Handsets

  GEOFIND: Chip antennas for GNSS

  EZConnect: Zigbee 868 MHz

  DUO mXTEND: Tiny chip antenna for smart tracking devices

  DUO mXTEND: The antenna ready for all the UWB chips

  DUO mXTEND: Miniature and High Efficiency Bluetooth Antenna

  DUO mXTEND: 5G Tiny antenna For IoT

  CUBE mXTEND: Two port antenna solution for mobile frequency bands

  RUN mXTEND: High efficiency on global NB-IoT and LTE-CAT-M

  RUN mXTEND: Go IoT oriented: ISM & Bluethooth, all in one piece

  RUN mXTEND: Clearance length and ground plane length experiments

  RUN mXTEND: Bluetooth and WiFi

  RUN mXTEND: 2G/3G/4G Handsets

  RUN mXTEND: 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G coverage

  RUN mXTEND and SmarTune

  ONE mXTEND: Cellular IoT in the smallest antenna ever

  ONE mXTEND tiny antenna fits in all boards

  The miniature ONE mXTEND for WiFi 6E

  Slim Reach XtendTM: BT Wi-Fi Headsets

  RUN mXTEND: Wi-Fi Dual-band

  RUN mXTEND: The smart antenna for the smart IoT World

  RUN mXTEND: The antenna for IoT: NB-IoT, Lora, Zigbee or Sigfox

  RUN mXTEND: Saving time and cost: virtual antenna for smart meters

  RUN mXTEND: Same antenna, any IoT Platform

  RUN mXTEND: Navigate globally

  RUN mXTEND: Maintaining peak performance in your Smartwatch

  RUN mXTEND: ISM868/915 (863-870 MHz) and (902-928 MHz)

  TRIO mXTEND: Worldwide cellular connectivity evaluation kit

  TRIO mXTEND: Virtual Antennas for Smart Meters

  TRIO mXTEND: The antenna designed to fit all IoT sizes

  TRIO mXTEND: Only one antenna for your tracker

  TRIO mXTEND: Mobile and GPS in a small IoT Module

  TRIO mXTEND: Mobile and GNSS in the same package at the same time

  MangOH Yellow Antenna App Note

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