Power Integrations

Power Integrations, Inc. is a technology and market leader in mid and high power gate drivers. Using highly integrated technology, the company’s gate drivers employ 85 % fewer components than other commonly-available solutions. Power Integrations has nearly 30 years’ history of supporting demanding industries such as traction, power generation, power transmission and industrial automation with products that combine outstanding reliability, best-in-class performance and competitive pricing.

Included in Power Integrations gate driver portfolio and offered by Richardson RFPD include:

  • Innovative SCALE™-2 and SCALE™-2+ Technology – reduce part count and space and, with SCALE™-2+, enable Soft Shut Down (SSD) in the event of a short circuit without requiring additional components.
  • Gate Driver Cores – a complete yet flexible system solution
  • Plug and Play IGBT Gate Drivers – complete, ready-to-use and tightly matched to a specific IGBT module
  • SCALE-iDriver™ Gate Driver – single channel gate driver ICs with output current ranges from 2.5A to 8A
  • Design Support and Customization – reference designs, semi-custom gate drive designs and fully custom drivers
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