Energy & Power Technical Articles

Energy & Power Technical Articles 

October 10, 2022
GaN offers lower conduction and switching losses that enable higher switching-frequency operation at high efficiency adapters.
August 29, 2022
This article focuses on highlighting how SpeedFit can help in comparing different topologies and assist in designing the most efficient converter using AC/DC applications as example.
August 29, 2022
The direct impact of new efficiency standards is the undisputed need for Silicon Carbide (SiC).
August 15, 2022
Wolfspeed’s new automotive qualified E-Series (E3M) 650 V, 60 mΩ MOSFET family helps designers meet the demands of the EV OBC application space.
August 7, 2022
This paper will focus on bidirectional OBCs and discuss the advantages of Silicon Carbide (SiC) in both medium-power (6.6 kW) and high-power (11-22 kW) OBCs.
July 30, 2022
This article will demonstrate how designers can increase system efficiency while lowering cost but most importantly, greatly increase the overall reliability system-wide.
July 10, 2022
This article reviews what GaN is all about and why it’s important in general and to audio specifically, and it discuss a couple of real-world examples.
June 20, 2022
This technical article explores the technologies, including Silicon Carbide, being integrated to make OBCs more economical and compact.
June 6, 2022
Designers of high-voltage power systems have struggled to meet customers’ needs for continued innovation when using silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs.
May 30, 2022
This article focuses on the three EV charging levels and the Microchip solutions that can support several aspects of residential, commercial and fast charging systems.