Aluminum Extrusions from Wakefield Thermal​

Richardson RFPD is Wakefield Thermal’s largest stocking distributor for full length aluminum extrusions.
Popular Wakefield Thermal Aluminum Extrusions In-Stock at Richardson RFPD

Popular Wakefield Thermal Aluminum Extrusions In-Stock at Richardson RFPD

Wakefield Thermal‘s extruded heat sinks provide an extensive range of natural convection solutions for higher power components and systems. Complex fin structures can be created by forcing raw aluminum through an extrusion die. These complex fin profiles allow greater heat dissipation through increased surface area while eliminating the cost and time associated with machining an equivalent shape from block aluminum.

Advantages:  Wakefield Thermal Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks


Greater efficiency than stamped heat sinks


Lower cost than fully-machined assemblies


Easily customized for any application

Available in many Sizes

Available in-stock from Richardson RFPD in many standard shapes and sizes

Weight Advantage

Significant weight advantage over copper

Energy & Power Design Support

Allow us an opportunity to assess your project and help bring your vision to market faster.

About our Team of Experts

Our team of global applications engineers are available to answer your questions to ensure your power conversion or energy storage system design meets your performance expectations. If you’re transitioning from silicon to gallium nitride (GaN) or silicon carbide (SiC), we’ll help identify the right switching device to achieve the power density and increased efficiency your application requires.