Design of an 800W GaN Power Amplifier Stage for Pulsed L Band Applications Using Simulated Load Pull

Thursday, May 12, 2022

What happens when you are asked to put everything else to one side and quickly develop a PA stage? Oh, and it is 800W…, and it is a new device that has just come out of development…, but we do have a model. This webinar is a real account of what happens and how just such an amplifier was created using the nonlinear simulation capabilities of NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office, and the large signal model of the CGHV14800F from Wolfspeed. Dealing with such high peak power levels, even though they are pulsed, requires careful consideration for all of the components used and a robust design and test strategy to ensure that you not only have a working solution, but that you haven’t done (too much) damage on the way.

Issues covered:

  • Differences between GaN and LDMOS or Si Bipolar solutions.
  • Stability and biasing: class trade-offs and implications.
  • Using measured matching circuits
  • Hunting down component resonances
  • Device dissipation simulation
  • Test results and tuning
  • The manufactured stage will be compared with the simulated performance.
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