RadioThorium: a 24-44 GHz Frequency Converter Design Accelerator

Friday, February 25, 2022

Richardson RFPD, in collaboration with Signal Craft Technologies and Analog Devices, is making complex mmW design simple.

Applications in the 24-44 GHz frequency spectrum, such as 5G and satellite communications, test and measurement and radar can take full advantage of spectrum availability, larger signal bandwidths and lower latency, but a deep understanding of mmW design challenges is required to build a reliable product. The ability to overcome these challenges will determine the success of the design and the time to market.

The RadioThorium 24-44 GHz frequency converter design accelerator is a high-performance broadband product that can be configured in direct-conversion or heterodyne mode and provides the design engineer with the quickest path to system evaluation and prototyping. It reduces development cycles by up to 12 months, providing a large spectrum of features and performance vs. cost trade-offs.

In addition, building mmW MIMO, phased synchronized systems has never been easier. Simply stack four of these frequency converters and use an external host to control them.

The RadioThorium frequency converter will be available in Q2/2022 from Richardson RFPD. It can be customized upon request to fit various use cases and applications.

Please attend this webinar on February 25 to learn more from Richardson RFPD and Signal Craft Technology.

Key takeaways

  • Reduces time-to-market by mitigating design risk and complexity
  • Learn how RadioThorium is designed for best performance and optimized cost
  • Discover how RadioThorium is easy to use-the standard kit includes everything the customer needs to get started in less than 15 minutes
  • Explore RadioThorium’s flexibility, as it interfaces with various SDR platforms and RF front-ends

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