Accurate Noise Figure Measurement of LNAs for Satcom Applications

This webinar will explain why the preferred technique for measuring LNAs, specially for K/Ka band satcom applications, is the cold-source method despite the possible disadvantages in comparison with other typical techniques like the Y-factor method.

The low noise figures needed at K/Ka band satcom receivers means that the accuracy obtained with traditional measurement methods like Y-factor could completely distort the noise data, leading to wrong decisions when selecting or implementing the right LNAs for satcom systems.

The importance of accurate noise measurements will be presented in the webinar, proposing the use of the cold-source method with source correction to characterize K/Ka-Band LNAs for satcom applications.

The method has been described and applied to ERZIA amplifiers for LNA Ka-band satcom, confirming industry leading noise figures of 1.4 dB and 1.3 dB as maximum and typical values of 1.2 dB and 1.05 dB respectively. The accuracy of the measured values using the proposed method has also been confirmed with very low uncertainties, resulting less than 0.1 dB in both cases.

Key takeaways

  • Examine the difference between the most popular technique to measure the noise figure of a device (Y-factor technique) and a better alternative (cold-source method)
  • Discover how the cold-source method is performed including the setup required to measure the noise figure of a low noise amplifier
  • Analyze the measurements performed to two K/Ka band low noise amplifiers (NF <1.5dB) using the cold-source method
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