April 2018


Ultra-Wideband Power Amplifier Module

ADI's HMC-C582 operates between 0.01 GHz and 20 GHz and provides 24 dB of gain, up to +36 dBm OIP3, and up to +26 dBm of P1dB. It delivers an easy-to-use, fully-integrated, hermetically-sealed solution that can dramatically shorten time-to-market.



AirPrime WP7700/WP7702 LPWA Modules

Sierra Wireless' WP7700 and WP7702 modules for Cat-M1/NB1 worldwide networks are fully compliant with the 3GPP Release 13 standard, providing a new low-cost, low-power technology for low-bandwidth IoT applications with extended reach beyond traditional cellular. Additionally the WP7702 provides 2G fallback. Delivering up to 300Kbps download speed and 375Kbps upload speed, these modules are ideal for real-time fixed or mobile applications such as consumer wearables, health monitoring devices, tracking devices, and smart home and smart city devices.



2.2 kW, High-efficiency Bridgeless Totem-Pole PFC with SiC MOSFET

This reference design includes Wolfspeed's C3M™ 900 V SiC MOSFET and enables users to comfortably achieve Titanium standard by having 98.5% efficiency and input PF greater than 0.98, while THD is less than 5% under all load conditions. The reference design includes schematics, BOM and PCB layout.



DC–25 GHz GaAs MMIC Distributed Low Noise Amplifier

Microsemi's MMA041PP5 is available in a leadless 5x5 mm surface mount package and is ideal for test instrumentation and communications infrastructure applications. It provides flat gain of 17 dB, 2.5 dB noise figure, and +21 dBm of P1dB while requiring only 150 mA from a 7 V supply.



1.8kW LDMOSFET in Plastic Package for ISM and Broadcast

NXP's MRFX1K80N is the over-molded plastic version of MRFX1K80H and enables a 30% lower thermal resistance. Based on NXP's new 65 V LDMOS technology that focuses on ease-of-use, this high ruggedness transistor is designed for use in high VSWR ISM applications, as well as radio and VHF TV broadcast, sub-GHz aerospace and mobile radio applications.



3 dB, 90° RF Hybrid Coupler in EIA 0805 Package

Anaren's C0727J5003AHF is a low-cost, low-profile sub-miniature 3 dB coupler in a surface mount package. It is ideal for balanced power and low noise amplifiers, as well as signal distribution and other applications where low insertion loss and tight amplitude and phase balance are required.



RF Surge Arrestor with 4.3-10 Connector

Using PolyPhaser’s patented spiral inductor technology, the TSXDC-4310FM arrestor respond almost instantaneously to a lighting surge. It is part of the SX Series that includes a range of models with a typical PIM rating of -130 dBM (-173 dBc, 2 x 20 W). The compact size makes it ideal for use with small cells, DAS and integration into cabinets.

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