November/December 2015


5 GHz Wi-Fi PA
Modules for 802.11ac

Qorvo's RFPA5522 and RFPA5542 are three-stage power amplifiers designed for 802.11a/n/ac applications. They contain integrated regulators and offer high PAE, high Pout at low EVM levels, and high gain.

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CATV 75Ω Push-Pull Amplifier
MACOM's MAAM-011169 is DOCSIS 3.1 compliant and designed for CATV applications, including hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network amplifiers and fiber to the premises (FTTP) optical network terminals (ONTs).



Wideband 125W GaN
on SiC RF Transistor

NXP's 125W CW MMRF5015N is optimized for wideband operation up to 2700 MHz and includes input matching for extended bandwidth performance. With its high gain and high ruggedness, this device is ideally suited for CW, pulse and wideband RF applications.

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Universal Footprint Ceramic Duplexers & Diplexers for Small Cells
CTS Electronic Components has developed three new product families of ceramic monoblock duplexers and a family of diplexer filters for a full range of small cell systems. The universal footprint achieves a new level of performance and enables a quantum reduction in system size.



Silicon Carbide

These two newly-qualified parts from Wolfspeed are lower current and higher on-resistance versions:

•  C3M0120090D: 120 mOhm RDS[on]
•  C3M0280090D: 280 mOhm RDS[on]

Both devices are available today in production quantities in a JEDEC type TO-247-3 package.

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28.5-31 GHz, 4W Power Amplifier for VSAT Applications
MACOM's MAAP-011139 is a 4-stage PA that provides 22 dB of linear gain, 4W saturated output power, and 23% efficiency while biased at 6 V. It is assembled in a lead-free 5 mm 32-lead AQFN plastic package.

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