May/June 2016


80-100 GHz 1/4W Power Amplifier
MACOM's MAAP-011199 features +24 dBm of saturated output power and 12 dB gain, and its balanced architecture results in excellent input and output match to 50Ω across the entire 80-100 GHz frequency band. It is designed for E-band communication, sensor, imaging and instrumentation applications.

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1 MHz to 2.5 GHz high linearity 6-bit DSA
Peregrine's PE4314 is a 6-bit, 0.5 dB step, glitch-less DSA that is a pin-compatible upgraded version of the PE4304, PE4307, PE4308 and PE43404. It supports 1.8V control voltage and an extended operating temperature range up to +105 °C, making it versatile for a range of wired broadband applications, including DOCSIS 3.1/0.



High Power RF LDMOS for L-Band Aerospace & Defense
These new NXP transistors and amplifier IC's aim to deliver best-in class peak power handling and integration for military radar and transponder systems operating between 900 and 1400 MHz.

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fastPack 0 SiC Power Module
Vincotech's 10-PC094PB065ME01-L637F06Y is a faster, cooler and more efficient power module designed for switching frequencies up to 400 kHz. It features a fast-switching 900V SiC MOSFET that outperforms 1200V SiC MOSFETs (+8% efficiency at a light load and +3% at full load) and provides a higher safety margin than 650V MOSFETs.



Wideband RF Power Amplifier
Modules in Stock

Richardson RFPD has a range of Empower wideband PA modules in stock. With frequency ranges from 20 MHz to 6000 MHz, and output power from 15W to 200W, these modules offer exceptional performance, long-term reliability and high efficiency.

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DC/DC Converters for
SiC MOSFET Drivers

The RKZ-xx2005D and RxxP22005D series from RECOM are specifically designed for SiC MOSFET driver applications with harsh environmental requirements. The converters feature power sharing, asymmetric outputs and wide operation temperature ranges.

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