October 2016


Versatile 1 W Driver Amplifier with VG Enable
MACOM's MAAP-011232 is a 0.1-3.0 GHz, 1 W driver/power amplifier with typical gain of 23 dB and up to 40% PAE. It can operate between 5V to 9V bias and consumes less than 300 mA at maximum output power. It is fully matched from 100 MHz to 1GHz and can be tuned with input matching to perform up to 3 GHz. It is versatile for multiple applications, including LMR, military communications, sensors and telemetry, test and measurement, and SATCOM.

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High Power SMT Attenuators Cover
DC-20 GHz

ATC's new AT0603 Series provides virtually flat loss over a broad frequency spectrum and is ideal where low noise, low inductance and low parasitic capacitance is required. Designed to meet a wide range of RF & Microwave large- and small-signal level applications, the AT Series is ideal for impedance matching, input padding, signal level tuning and many other critical RF & Microwave applications.



Doherty GaN RF Power Transistors for Telecom Applications
Two new devices from Qorvo include the QPD2730, an asymmetric Doherty power device operating from 2.575-2.635 GHz and composed of pre-matched, discrete GaN on SiC HEMTs, and the QPD3601, a discrete, single-stage GaN on SiC HEMT operating from 3.4-3.6 GHz, which can be used in Doherty architecture for the final stage of a base station power amplifier for macrocell high efficiency systems.

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SMT Multiband Antennas for Mobile and Wireless Devices
The mXTEND™ antenna booster leverages Fractus Antennas' Virtual Antenna Technology to replace time-consuming, high-NRE custom antenna solutions with miniature, standard, off-the-shelf components. Reduce design cycle times with these SMT multiband antennas, which operate from 698-2690 MHz and are available in four space-saving sizes (5x5x5mm, 10x3.2x3.2mm, 12x2.4x3mm and 24x12x2mm).



Embedded 3G Cellular Module with Linux-based
Application Processor

Part of the Sierra Wireless® AirPrime® WP Series, the WP8548 provides an integrated device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product on a single module and seamlessly send user and product data to the cloud. Offering an application processor running the open source Legato™ platform, GNSS receiver, and cellular modem with an ultra-low power domain, WP modules reduce system complexity for faster time-to-market.

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1kV SiC MOSFET in a Newly-Optimized Package
Wolfspeed introduces the industry's only 1kV SiC MOSFET in a new package suitable for fast switching devices. Optimized for electric-vehicle charging systems, and three-phase industrial power supplies, the new 1kV device addresses many power design challenges by providing a unique device with low on-Resistance, very low output capacitance and low source inductance for an ideal blend of low switching losses and low conduction losses.

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