Miniature plug-and-play device with user-friendly u-start software

  • Portable, simple device

  • Dedicated, highly intuitive u-start evaluation software

  • Preset scenarios to quickly evaluate u-blox M9 GNSS performance
  • Real-time display via USB interface
  • u-center as optional evaluation software

The XPLR-M9 explorer kit is a perfect early evaluation tool for experiencing best GNSS performance of the u-blox M9 Standard Precision GNSS technology. It comes in a compact design with user-friendly interfaces and simplified and intuitive u-start evaluation software.

The built-in USB interface provides both power supply and high speed data transfer. In additional to the default u-start evaluation software, XPLR-M9 can be used with u-blox u-center for extensive configuration, further testing and data analysis.