Ultra Low Profile 0805 Balun 50Ω to 200Ω Balanced

The BD0826J50200AHF is a low profile sub-miniature balanced to unbalanced transformer designed for differential inputs and output locations on next generation wireless chipsets in an easy to use surface mount package covering the GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS, CDMA and 802.11 b+g+n frequencies. The BD0826J50200AHF is ideal for high volume manufacturing and is higher performance than traditional ceramic, and lumped element baluns. The BD0826J50200AHF has an unbalanced port impedance of 50 Ohm and a 200 Ohm balanced port impedance. This transformation enables single ended signals to be applied to differential ports on modern integrated chipsets. The output ports have equal amplitude (-3dB) with 180 degree phase differential. The BD0826J50200AHF is available on tape and reel for pick and place high volume manufacturing.