Products of the Week: IoT Technologies

Skyworks Solutions has released its multi-band SKY66430-11 SiP offering support for 5G Massive IoT (half-duplex FDD) platforms. The chip integrates an entire RF front end, including a transceiver, power management, memory, and baseband modem for an LTE multi-band radio operating from 700 to 2200 MHz. The front-end section includes Rx low-pass filters, broadband PA with bias controller, Tx low-pass harmonic filter, and an antenna switch. The SiP is also compliant with 3GPP Rel-13 LTE Advanced Pro specifications, including VoLTE support, and can be upgraded to 3GPP Rel-14 if required. Skyworks states the SKY66430-11 is available in an 8.8 x 10.8 x 0.95 mm BGA package and is suitable for wearables, personal trackers, alarm systems, and low-power IoT devices applications.