Inspiring the 5G New Value

How is 5G doing after two years of commercialization in the global markets since 2019? Are the performances meeting your expectations well? Fibocom’s “Make the 5 G’s Thrive” webinar series present you the insights from 5G ecosystem partners who share the latest innovations of 5Gnetwork deployment, 5G chipset evolution, 5G module empowerment, and the collaborations of industry chain to “Inspire the 5G New Value” in all aspects of lives and works.

Join Fibocom in this webinar as we discuss the new market opportunities brought by 5G technologies, and how upstream suppliers to address the best of them.


  • Key Challenges Facing in 5G Era
  • Why 5G Module is playing an important role in the commercialization of 5G applications
  • Development of 5G network deployment
  • Evolution of 5G chipset
  • How we collaborate with industry partners to “Inspire the 5G New Value”