One small module, countless applications

We just released the ANNA-B4, our smallest Bluetooth module to date, packed with features tailored to the needs of industrial applications. And the timing couldn’t be much better: smart factories have matured from hype to a genuine value add – with more and more businesses are getting on board. According to the State of the smart factory report, published by Plex, a majority of manufacturers have already begun tapping into the potential of smart manufacturing technology to optimize some facets of their operations. In fact, half of the companies surveyed reported already leveraging the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to gain insights from sensed data, improve their processes, and, ultimately, create value.

While the technologies used in smart factory deployments are ultimately a means to an end, making the right choices – in terms of the underlying communication protocols, the hardware, and the implementation – can strongly impact their success. Requirements cover a vast spectrum: throughput, range, interoperability, power consumption, size, cost, serviceability… And the list goes on. Optimally balancing these can be a challenge; a challenge that our latest Bluetooth 5.1 module takes up head-on…