Modern cars and trucks are evolving into supercomputers on wheels. Millions of lines of code written, checked, debugged and secured to offer safety, security and performance features but also comfort and entertainment options, driving the entire automotive industry forward to provide complex and elegant solutions meant to be invisible for drivers and passengers.

Vehicles today can have approximately 45 processor-based electronic control units (ECUs) running between 100 and 200 million lines of code. This is a sizable jump from a decade ago where average 30 processors were wired throughout the body of a car executing nearly 10 million lines of code1. This unprecedented rate of progress in automotive technology is placing a heavy burden on carmakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for meeting customer expectations around performance, utility and convenience, but also to comply with stringent security and safety standards plus rigorous global emission regulations. The current automotive market demands more innovative electronics and code, expanding both ECU and software breakthroughs.

Delivering on its promise to tackle the cost and complexity of automotive software development, NXP’s S32K3 Automotive MCU enters the market with comprehensive ready-to-use offerings: hardware tools, production-grade software packages, and an ecosystem of industry-leading partners. S32K3 MCUs address the latest general-purpose applications demanding high-level safety, security and software requirements, targeting vehicle edge nodes, domain and zone control, and vehicle electrification…