Ignion’s Smallest Bluetooth Antenna in Different Ground Plane Form Factors

Application Note

When designing a wearable, the antenna should be small, versatile, and efficient. How can we meet all these requirements and avoid buying a new part for each of the endless list of form factors?

In this application note you can learn how the NANO mXTEND™ gives Bluetooth connectivity to devices with many different form aspects and sizes. Included is a full demonstration of how the antenna behaves in terms of gain and efficiency for different matching networks which are created to help perfectly tune the antenna for optimal performance in any wearable application. Within the note you can also find out where to place the tiny antenna within the different PCB elements regardless of the shape of the device.

The NANO mXTEND™ antenna is the perfect choice for devices that are strictly limited in terms of PCB real estate and overall size. It’s our product of choice when looking for a reliable and repetitive antenna solution for Bluetooth.