Here’s a look back at how our partners used our solutions in 2021, with valuable insights about the state of the IoT.

Just a few years ago, satellite-based positioning, high precision tracking, and wireless connectivity to devices and to the cloud were, by and large, reserved for high value use cases. Fast forward to today, and IoT technology is enabling products, services, and solutions we use every day. In many applications, smart functionality, once a premium differentiator, has become the baseline expectation.

At the same time, IoT technology is being leveraged to increase the efficiency of the infrastructure we rely on, silently transforming the world we live in. Here at u‑blox, we have a front-row seat to this transformation, which we are also part of as we support customers driving innovation in the consumer, automotive, and industrial markets, including leading car OEMs and Tier-1s, industrial device manufacturers, and some of the biggest names in tech.

In this blog, we look back on a selection of partner stories from last year that highlight four notable trends we see playing out in the IoT…