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With 3GPP’s first release of the 5G NR (New Radio) standard (i.e. release 15) being commercialized, along with 3GPP’s July 2020 competition of Release 16, IoT professionals and others in the wireless industry are now looking at what updates are in the works for the next release of the 5G cellular wireless technology standard, Release 17. In particular, they are considering how Release 17’s new Reduced Capability (RedCap) device– sometimes referred to as NR Light – as well as its coverage improvements and new support for satellite communication standards might impact their long-term IoT business strategies.

Gus Vos, Chief Scientist for Technology Standards at Sierra Wireless, has been participating in 3GPP 5G standards meetings for years, working to ensure updates to the standards address the needs of IoT professionals and the IoT market. We recently talked to Gus about the 3GPP RedCap work item and other updates planned for 5G Release 17 that IoT professionals might want to keep an eye on…