This is DUO mXTEND™, the tiny antenna booster that enables full 5G connectivity and does not require further clearance area than its reduced footprint.

Application Note

Forget the clearance troubles on your next 5G wireless design, DUO mXTEND™ doesn’t need any clearance beyond its footprint. This new antenna booster is modular, multipurpose and multi-port and enables top-quality high-speed connectivity to IoT and Mobile devices using 5G. It is fully reconfigurable, so it can be mounted either at the corner or at the center edge of your 5G device, thanks to this modular and dual port nature.

This antenna booster has been designed for providing a top-quality mobile operation at 3400-3800 MHz, regardless of the antenna position on your device, either if the mounting of the component is at a corner of the PCB or just at the center edge of the printed circuit board…