The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company Krakul developed a fully automatic rollmassage machine for the Beautiful Me rollmassage franchise, now being sold to Australia.

According to Jaan Hendrik Murumets, CEO of Krakul, cooperation with Beautiful Me is an excellent example of how almost all areas of life can be made smarter using the IoT and thus increase the company’s export capacity. “Especially during the pandemic, there was a growing interest in developing products that would reduce human contact. However, people still wanted to get a massage or take care of their health, and smart rollmassage devices are a growing trend not only in Estonia but worldwide,” said Murumets.

The customer only needs to book a time slot through Beautiful Me’s website or app to schedule an appointment. The device will start automatically as the booking system is connected to the smart rollmassage machine. “The device knows which client it is, welcomes the client by name, and then begins the programme…