Microchip enables you to confidently design IoT and edge computing applications built upon the three pillars of security: confidentiality, integrity and authenticity.

Threats to Low-Power Edge Compute Applications
The burgeoning 5G networks will engender a new generation of interconnectivity with the Internet of Things (IoT). The communication between numerous devices and machines makes them accessible to vulnerabilities from external influences, invasions or unknown bugs. Remote operations also pose physical security issues.

Modern vehicles are feature rich with automated software that devises uninterrupted connectivity for drivers. These vehicles use various wireless technologies to communicate, making them susceptible to malicious attacks. An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) also needs to be cryptographically armed in hardware and software to provide a chain of trust for secure authorization.

Similarly, intelligent industrial networks, control systems, automation networks, processes and factories consist of connected machines and systems, exposing them to the risk of several internal and external threats.

In the FPGA context, the supply chain and equipment also pose potential threats such as trojan horses embedded in the IC or hard IP, remarked packages, refurbished parts, incorrect configurations, overbuilt equipment, side-channel analysis and tampering…