Modmo wanted to create an e-bike like no other. Not only stunning in design and with amazing battery life but also packed with unique IoT features that would enhance the rider’s experience. Selling the e-bike internationally meant that its communications hardware needed to work seamlessly, anywhere in the world.

The problem: Compact component space, reliable hardware, and global communication coverage
While e-bikes offer a more environmentally friendly and healthier option to solve urban travel congestion and pollution issues, they have not evolved significantly from a performance and feature perspective. Looking to address this opportunity, Modmo set about rethinking from the wheels up what an e-bike of the near future should look like, how it could securely share data to improve operational efficiency, and how it could, through a modular design, morph to the rider’s requirements.

Clearly, to data-enable an e-bike through IoT would require a set of solutions, both hardware and software, that all worked together, were efficient and low powered, cost effective, and provided the data security required to be trusted – both internally and by the consumer. In addition, Modmo knew that it wanted to find an IoT partner that would enable it’s e-bike’s software to be updated over the air to roll out new features post sale. Critically for Modmo, any IoT connectivity would need to work globally…