u-blox Case Study

Technology is creating efficiencies in agriculture that were unheard of before the IoT revolution. This case study outlines an IoT in agriculture application illustrating what’s possible in the conservation of our most valuable asset. Water.

The ability to remotely collect the moisture, temperature, and fertilizer composition of soil in near real-time is giving the agriculture sector an opportunity to achieve never-before-seen efficiencies. New multi-level in-situ soil sensors provide insights that help farmers better understand how their crops are growing based on the dynamics measured in the soil. These insights are particularly valuable for water-scarce regions, considering that an estimated four in five of the world’s irrigation farmers over-water their fields by 10 to 25 per cent.

Lattech Systems, an IoT telemetry company, has developed a telemetry and data transfer solution that is both reliable in remote farming locations and predictable from a cost-of-data perspective to connect remote sensors to the cloud. Their solution uses a soil moisture and fertilizer activity tracking probe developed by Tribus. This IoT in agriculture case study demonstrates how Lattech Systems partnered with u-blox to bring its customers cost-effective, reliable, and low-power wireless connectivity and data management…