IoT security concerns all of us, no matter if you are an IoT user or an IoT service provider.

IoT is a promising business enabler for the industry, and consumer IoT applications like home automation or the “quantified-self” movement (e.g., fitness tracker) are generating a lot of positive public attention.

But IoT also has a big social impact as IoT is replacing human labor by automated machine-to-machine processes; this evolution is eyed suspiciously by parts of the society. In addition, adoption of IoT approaches raises privacy concerns about a potential disclosure of private information. A data leakage would allow unknown parties to misuse this sensitive data and to elaborate user profiles containing individual preferences, movement habits, etc. These risks are asking for governmental action, leading to enforced privacy protection laws all over the world. According to European GDPR (“General Data Protection Regulation”) and others, IoT solution providers will have to protect user data accordingly, otherwise they will be in trouble…