Microchip Blog: Programmable Security for Low-Power Edge Compute Applications

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Microchip enables you to confidently design IoT and edge computing applications built upon the three pillars of security: confidentiality, integrity and authenticity. Threats to Low-Power Edge Compute ApplicationsThe burgeoning 5G networks will engender a new generation of interconnectivity with the Internet of Things (IoT). The communication between numerous devices and machines makes them accessible to

Fibocom Blog: How High Precision GNSS Improves Outdoor Positioning on the Move

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In the IoT era, positioning is an important foundation for achieving the Internet of Everything. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is a widely recognized technology that can track and locate people, animals, assets, vehicles, etc., which includes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and more. GNSS offers real-time positioning with precision down to the meter, which other

Time-Sensitive Networking Solution Bridges Communication Gaps in Industrial IoT

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NXP Smarter World Blog The new i.MX RT1180 includes a Gb Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Switch enabling real-time rich networking integration handling both time-sensitive and industrial real-time communication, includes a state-of-the-art EdgeLock® secure enclave, and an extensive developer ecosystem for a simplified microcontroller design experience. Manufacturers worldwide are already leveraging Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies

On ‘World Day for Health and Safety at Work,’ Microshare marks 2nd anniversary of Universal Contact Tracing wearables

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The Microshare Blog: Thousands of workers around the world safeguarded by innovative wearable solution World Day for Health and Safety at Work probably isn’t on your calendar. But given the tragedy, disruption and dysfunction the world has endured since we first heard the term “COVID-19” back in 2020, perhaps it should be. Yes, it’s one

The 3-Step Process of Contextualizing IoT and Manufacturing Data for Smart Factories

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An overwhelming flow of manufacturing data For nearly 10 years, industrials and manufacturers have been investing in the modernization of their tools, lines, and processes with new technologies and innovations like Internet of Things (IoT,) digital twins and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase capacity, efficiency, yield, and reliability. As IoT investments materialize in the factory,

Blog: u-blox SARA-N3 for periodic IoT sensing from a small battery

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Monitoring of a remote location is a typical IoT application, but target use cases are different. Very often, observed parameters are not expected to change quickly and are not critical per se, but business owners are asking for regular updates, e.g., once a day. Let’s take the example of a “forest sensor”, an IoT solution

Technology: changing the face of health and safety in the workplace

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Orange blog: Around 2.3 million people worldwide have work-related accidents every year. Technology is critical to improving workplace safety, even in the most hazardous environments. Some industries, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation and oil and gas can be particularly dangerous. Regulations and best practices, like those suggested by the United Nations Global Compact regarding

Where Does a Small Business Start with IoT?

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Are you Ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) Most small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are not prepared to take the plunge into IoT and are uncertain how IoT can help their businesses thrive. Unlike enterprise-sized businesses, SMBs are often resource restrained in terms of workforce or budget and lack specific subject matter expertise for complex IoT

Orange Blog: 13 best practices for securing smart connected products

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Security needs to be a critical consideration in developing applications based on smart connected products. Here we offer advice and best practices for businesses. Enterprises in all sectors are looking to smart connected products to launch new services, improve operational efficiencies or make users safer. But they will struggle to sell services if security concerns

Sequans blog: iSIM for IoT is Going Mainstream

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iSIM Makes Cellular IoT Easy, and Future-proof iSIM is proving to be the next big thing in IoT. iSIM, or integrated SIM (subscriber identity module) is built right into a cellular IoT module’s chip so that there is no need for a physical SIM. Physical SIMs take up space, so iSIM not only reduces space

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