Case Study: Smart Grid Solution Provider Connects High-Profile Deployments with AirPrime® Embedded Modules

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from Sierra Wireless Ambient is a leader in smart grid technologies and equipment. The Massachusetts-based company uses open standards-based technologies and ample industry experience to help utilities bring two-way communications and intelligence for modernizing the power grid.Business ChallengeEnergy suppliers worldwide are building smart grid infrastructures to optimize power distribution and create a more efficient grid.

Case Study: Smart Facilities data for the hotel & hospitality industry

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EverSmart technology unleashes cost savings as it reassures guests and empowers staff The Hotel and Hospitality industry was hit hard during COVID-19. But the pandemic appears to be abating, revealing a changed world with new expectations, investor demands and regulatory requirements regarding the safety and sanitation of indoor spaces, the responsiveness of hotel facilities and

Case Study: Taoglas antenna soars with Técnico solar boat

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Técnico Solar Boat is a project by engineering students at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, where they design and build boats powered by renewable energy. Each year the team participates in worldwide engineering competitions organized by Solar Sport One and Yacht Club de Monaco, where they regularly get placed in second and first place.

Case Study: How Aquamonitrix® Uses Octave to Revolutionize Water Quality Monitoring

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Aquamonitrix® is a ground-breaking water quality analyzer designed to provide accurate, real-time information on nitrate and nitrite levels in fresh and effluent water. Aquamonitrix is being brought to market by Aquamonitrix Ltd – a spinout backed by the resources of its parent company T.E. Laboratories (TelLab), which has a 30-year track record in laboratory analysis,

Cartesiam Use Case: Energy efficiency dataset

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Predict heating and cooling load of a building In this dataset, they simulated 768 different building shapes. They made vary the following attributes: X1 Relative Compactness X2 Surface Area X3 Wall Area X4 Roof Area X5 Overall Height X6 Orientation X7 Glazing Area X8 Glazing Area Distribution Then they performed energy analysis

Cartesiam Use Case: Remaining Useful Life

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Predict the remaining useful life based on telemetry This dataset comes from a fleet of a hundred machines. Every 24h, telemetry sends volt, pressure and vibration data. We also have the age and model of the machine, if it has been maintained in the past, or if it reported errors in the last 24h.

Case Study: Asset Zoning for healthcare facilities

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£1bn saving potential: Reducing operational costs and improving healthcare outcomes by helping staff locate vital equipment quickly With one study showing nurses spending up to 42 minutes per eight-hour shift resolving operational failures such as missing medications and broken or missing equipment, there is a great opportunity to improve efficiencies and increase time spent with

Developing the Next Generation of IoT-enabled Streetlights

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Streetlights Get Smart A Spotlight on Innovative New Nodes for IoT-Enabled Smart Cities Microchip’s collaboration with a distribution partner and a leading street lighting innovator results in a connected streetlight solution that also powers a new generation of connected nodes for smart city applications... READ MORE

Cartesiam Use Case: Smart vacuum cleaner

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Detect if your vacuum bag is empty or full (at different regimes) We will use a clamp meter to capture data. A classification library will be created using NanoEdge AI Studio. By measuring the electric current flowing into the vacuum cleaner, we will detect if it is empty or full. The NanoEge AI

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