Cryptera Secures IoT Edge Applications for Micro Technic

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Collaboration Between Danish Innovators Delivers a Robust Solution To Smart Energy Customers Featuring Microchip’s SAMA5D2 Family of MPUs The Greening of the Energy Sector Meets the Expansion of IoT There is a great deal of enthusiasm for the migration to low carbon and renewable energy sources. Many companies, governments and institutions are signing off on

Case Study: EverSmart Solutions at work in the Geneva Chamber of Commerce

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Microshare has helped the Geneva Chamber of Commerce create a smart headquarters building Microshare's EverSmart solutions are helping the world return to a workplace that is safer and smarter than it ever was. From Air Quality to Room Occupancy, from Fridge Temperature Monitoring to Predictive Cleaning, Microshare's solutions are delivering actionable data that is helping

Taoglas drives enduring reliability for Control with flexible wideband antenna

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Case Study About Control Telemetry Systems Control is the leading cellular telemetry solution provider in Motorsport. They are used by leading private and manufacturer teams across some of the world’s biggest Motorsport championships including FIA World Endurance Championship, IMSA, European Le Mans Series, GT World Challenge Endurance Series and the Nurburgring Langstrecken Series. The

Taoglas helps SODAQ TRACK with high quality GNSS performance

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Case Study About SODAQ SODAQ is a Netherlands-based company that was founded in 2013 while creating solar-powered weather stations for rural Africa. The company specializes in designing and deploying low-power tracking and sensing solutions making them a world leader in sustainable IoT. The Challenge It is estimated that 8% of global CO2 emissions

Taoglas helps Basetime enable ultra-accurate geometric height measurement for construction applications

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Case Study About Basetime Based in the Netherlands, Basetime is an innovative engineering and geodetic consultancy company that stands for Baseline+Time, the two ingredients to make accurate measurements. The 50 employees behind Basetime cover a wide range of expertise from precision-based measurement engineering, to many years of  experience in advising construction companies on

Evocon: IIoT production monitoring device to make sense of data

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Krakul teamed up with Evocon to design a smart IIoT (industrial internet of things) production monitoring device, capable of wirelessly gathering critical data to analyse the production processes. "During the last six years, wireless communication has remarkably developed and stabilised, so we decided that it is time to find a solution, which could help

Cartesiam Use Case: Permanent Magnet Surface Temp

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Predict the rotor temperature of an electric car The data comes from a permanent magnet synchronous motor on a test bench. The PMSM represents an electric car prototype and multiple sensors are present on the bench. Multiple driving cycles were performed, randomly varying speed and torque to imitate real world driving. The

Cartesiam Use Case: Gearbox Fault Diagnosis

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Predict if your gearbox has a broken tooth The dataset was made using four vibrations sensors placed in different directions. The load applied to the gearbox varied between 0 and 90 percent of its maximum. We then reformatted the data to have 4 x 256 elements per lines. We were able to

Case Study: Smart Grid Solution Provider Connects High-Profile Deployments with AirPrime® Embedded Modules

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from Sierra Wireless Ambient is a leader in smart grid technologies and equipment. The Massachusetts-based company uses open standards-based technologies and ample industry experience to help utilities bring two-way communications and intelligence for modernizing the power grid.Business ChallengeEnergy suppliers worldwide are building smart grid infrastructures to optimize power distribution and create a more efficient grid.

Case Study: Smart Facilities data for the hotel & hospitality industry

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EverSmart technology unleashes cost savings as it reassures guests and empowers staff The Hotel and Hospitality industry was hit hard during COVID-19. But the pandemic appears to be abating, revealing a changed world with new expectations, investor demands and regulatory requirements regarding the safety and sanitation of indoor spaces, the responsiveness of hotel facilities and

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