u-blox Case Study: Seamless global IoT communication enhances sales of ground breaking e-bike

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Modmo wanted to create an e-bike like no other. Not only stunning in design and with amazing battery life but also packed with unique IoT features that would enhance the rider’s experience. Selling the e-bike internationally meant that its communications hardware needed to work seamlessly, anywhere in the world. The problem: Compact component space, reliable

Solution Overview: Stadium and Entertainment Sensing Network Solutions

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STADIUM & ENTERTAINMENT | Pack the house EverSmart technology unleashes cost savings as it feeds the business and reassures your customers and staff The global pandemic has forever changed the relationship between people and the spaces they occupy. Reassure your occupants with EverSmart data. Stadiums, festivals and other entertainment venues were hit hard during COVID

5G Smart Logistics Case Study

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A Fibocom IoT Connectivity Case Study Download the case study now to explore how Fibocom 5G module empowers unmanned warehouse, bringing digital transformation to smart logistics. The e-commerce industry and the new retail sector have increasingly higher requirements for the timeliness of logistics and distribution. Smart logistics, unmanned warehousing and automated sorting systems are

5G-Empowered First Responders in Emergency Rescue

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A Fibocom IoT Connectivity Case Study In order to provide timely response for emergency scenarios and protect people's lives and properties, it is necessary to establish an effective emergency communication and command system. Download the Case study now to find out how Fibocom’s 5G wireless communication module empowers first responders in emergency, enabling real-time

Beautiful Me rollmassage franchise developed by Estonians expanded to Brisbane, Australia

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The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company Krakul developed a fully automatic rollmassage machine for the Beautiful Me rollmassage franchise, now being sold to Australia. According to Jaan Hendrik Murumets, CEO of Krakul, cooperation with Beautiful Me is an excellent example of how almost all areas of life can be made smarter using the IoT

Microchip Case Study: Enabling Rapid Prototyping of IoT Applications

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Flexible Development Platform for Rapid Prototyping of IoT Applications Microside Technology developed the XIDE® platform to enable easy proof of concept and quick time to market for IoT applications. This platform provides a smart and secure development system that offers you a variety of connectivity options for IoT designs. You can be confident that their

Taoglas and Embedded Works Help Helium’s Crypto-Miners Optimize Coverage and Revenue

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Case Study About Embedded WorksEmbedded Works is a technology solutions provider specializing in wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. For over 16 years, companies ranging from startups to Fortune 5000 enterprises have turned to Embedded Works to consult on the right wireless components, LTE data plans, antennas, and turnkey IoT solutions.The ChallengeEmbedded Works

Taoglas helps Pano AI expand coverage and reliability for their wildfire monitoring network

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Case Study About PANO AI (Pano):Pano helps fire districts, municipalities, utility companies, and other organizations detect emerging wildfires before they escalate into major disasters. Using a combination of hardware, software, and artifical intelligence, Pano continuously monitors a geographic region for threats and provides fire authorities with actionable intelligence so that they can quickly detect,

Case Study: What you don’t know can hurt you!

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As one customer found, data from EverSmart Air helps to maintain the wellbeing of more than just people. Studies show that improperly calibrated indoor temperature and humidity enables the spread of bacterium and viral infections. HVAC systems optimized with air quality data can slow that spread and control the buildup of CO2 a problem associated

Solution Overview: Hotel & Hospitality Sensing Network Solutions

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Smarter, greener, stronger: EverSmart technology unleashes cost savings as it reassures hotel guests and empowers staff The Hotel and Hospitality industry was hit hard during COVID-19. But as the pandemic abates, it leaves behind a changed world with new expectations, investor demands and regulatory requirements regarding the safety, sustainability and sanitation of indoor spaces, the

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