Video: Fibocom High-performance FM160/FG160 5G Module Solution for FWA

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Compliant with 3GPP Release 16 standards, Fibocom’s FG160/FM160 is a series of NR Sub 6 modules backward compatible with LTE/WCDMA network standards. Powered by the Qualcomm SDX62 chipset, the modules deliver maximum downlink rates of 3.5Gbps and uplink rates of 900Mbps. Supporting NR CA, FG160/FM160 modules significantly optimize 5G user experience with extended coverage, boosted

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Manufacturing with 5G and IIoT

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Fibocom Whitepaper Digital technologies have ushered in an era of smart manufacturing, hyper-efficiency and limitless productivity. The low latency and massive data capabilities of 5G enable manufacturers to deploy fully automated solutions that can be adjusted in real time for optimal productivity and sustainability. Read the latest Fibocom white paper, to learn more about

5G Smart Logistics Case Study

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A Fibocom IoT Connectivity Case Study Download the case study now to explore how Fibocom 5G module empowers unmanned warehouse, bringing digital transformation to smart logistics. The e-commerce industry and the new retail sector have increasingly higher requirements for the timeliness of logistics and distribution. Smart logistics, unmanned warehousing and automated sorting systems are

Customized Connectivity: The Promise of 5G/LTE Private Cellular Networks

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Fibocom Whitepaper Private networks are fully dedicated to a particular enterprise or organization. This means they offer unparalleled performance, mobility, reliability, and security, while also allowing operators to reconfigure as necessary to meet operational needs. Download the Fibocom white paper now, to learn about how private cellular networks power advanced use cases and applications...

5G-Empowered First Responders in Emergency Rescue

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A Fibocom IoT Connectivity Case Study In order to provide timely response for emergency scenarios and protect people's lives and properties, it is necessary to establish an effective emergency communication and command system. Download the Case study now to find out how Fibocom’s 5G wireless communication module empowers first responders in emergency, enabling real-time

Fibocom Blog: How High Precision GNSS Improves Outdoor Positioning on the Move

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In the IoT era, positioning is an important foundation for achieving the Internet of Everything. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is a widely recognized technology that can track and locate people, animals, assets, vehicles, etc., which includes GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and more. GNSS offers real-time positioning with precision down to the meter, which other

Mission-Critical Communication: Empowering Real-Time First Response with 5G

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Fibocom Whitepaper From seamless communication to networked IoT devices and massive data transfer, 5G is enabling innovative solutions for first responders globally. Backed by 5G, public safety and first response agencies are finding new ways to fulfill their life-saving mission, safeguard their personnel, and ensure optimal strategic deployment of critical resources in all scenarios. Download

Fibocom Blog: How 5G and AIoT Will Revolutionize Business and Industry in the Future

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5G is rolling out across the world, and with ultra-low latency, blazing fast speeds, and enhanced bandwidth, it will be a game changer across industries, particularly when coupled with the artificial intelligence of things, or AIoT. The combination of 5G and AIoT will drive economic growth across industries and lay the foundation for building intelligent,

5G AIoT – Empowering the Future of Smart Connectivity

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Fibocom White Paper The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), dubbed AIoT, opens up new possibilities for how we collect, analyze and react to data, promising an era of smarter, faster decision-making. Industries are all poised to reap the benefits of these capabilities. With 5G, AIoT delivers on the full

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