Fibocom White Paper: A Comprehensive Guide to Manage the 2G/3G Shutdowns

2022-01-11T22:27:03+00:00January 11th, 2022|Categories: Featured, Fibocom, White Papers|

How to pick the right 4G LTE technology for your IoT applications in the inevitable 2G/3G shutdowns? Find out the answer in the latest Fibocom white paper. The worldwide 2G/3G sunset is in progress with many countries already giving their own timelines based on their needs for telecommunications networks, which requires mature alternative technologies to

Video: Fibocom 5G Modules Impact Smart Buildings Operation

2021-12-14T21:00:28+00:00December 14th, 2021|Categories: Featured, Fibocom, Video|

How can Fibocom’s 5 Gs impact smart building operations? The integration of building infrastructures with IoT, sensors, strong and flexible networks, and cloud service is what makes a smart building. Fibocom 5G modules embedded in smart building systems provide millisecond latency and secure ultra-fast bandwidth with massive IoT connections.Fibocom’s adherence to the Global Empowerment of

Fibocom’s 5G Modules Boosts the Market Growth of 5G Fixed Wireless Access

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Imagine how we were about 10 years ago without being so connected. The devices have become an extension of our daily lives and we rely on them to do almost everything. The global pandemic has shown us how important dependable internet connectivity and speeds are. Doing zoom calls for school, video conference for work, and

5G AIoT Commercialized Products Handbook

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Fibocom announces the launch of 5G AIoT Commercialized Products Handbook (EN), introducing abundant 5G AIoT use cases to the global audiences. Fibocom, together with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Qualcomm, UNISOC, MediaTek and many IoT industry partners, officially launched the "5G AIoT Commercialized Products Handbook (CN)", breaking the industry boundary with collective power and

Fibocom Blog: Which LPWA Module to Choose for Your IoT Applications?

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Fibocom’s High-Value LPWA Solutions Empower Industry Verticals Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) network, including LTE-M and NB-IoT, is a power-efficient technology that designed to transfer small amounts of data from a large number of devices, offering enhanced network coverage and capacity, lower costs as well as longer battery life suitable for low-power IoT applications. But how to

Fibocom White Paper: How Does 5G Network Slicing Empower Vertical Industries

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The International Data Corporation (IDC) has forecasted that 5G will generate $12.3 trillion of global economic output in 2035. 5G provides the connection of multiple devices to communicate seamlessly and simultaneously, one of the main technologies behind which is network slicing. As more industries are looking to transform digitally, 5G network slicing is able to

Fibocom MA510-GL: Global Cat-M1/NB2 Module

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Fibocom's MA510-GL is a high-performance IoT module, which is tailor-made for the global IoT market. It is developed based on the Qualcomm platform and is packaged in LCC+LGA. It also supports LTE Cat-M1/Cat-NB2/EGPRS. Supporting global frequency band, global certification, built-in GNSS, integrated MQTT/CoAP/LWM2M rich network protocol, UART/SB/12C/12S multiple standard industrial interfaces, support eDRX and PSM

Fibocom Blog: How to Choose a Smart Module for Your IoT Project

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Smart IoT module has large market potential, which is ideal for applications that require high-definition, multimedia functions as well as a certain level of computing performance. As digital transformation becoming the key for both society and economic growth, Internet of Things (IoT) is at the center, bridging the gap between the physical world and the

Event: Unlocking the Best Practice in 5G Verticals for Industry Users

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Wednesday, June 30th 2021 - 10:00 AM (CDT) | Sponsored by Fibocom It is estimated that about 20% of 5G application is used in the consumer electronics such as cell phone, wearable devices, and 80% is dedicated in the Internet of Things(IoT), especially the Industrial IoT(IIoT) such as manufacturing industries, supply chain management, oil

On-demand webinar: Make the 5Gs Thrive

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Inspiring the 5G New Value How is 5G doing after two years of commercialization in the global markets since 2019? Are the performances meeting your expectations well? Fibocom’s “Make the 5 G’s Thrive” webinar series present you the insights from 5G ecosystem partners who share the latest innovations of 5Gnetwork deployment, 5G chipset

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