mangOH™ Yellow + Orange

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mangOH Yellow with Cat-M1/NB-IoT WP7702 module and an Orange SIM card with 200MB of data for 6 months Regional and global plans can be quickly and easily customized to meet your requirements.Build low-power IoT applications that can run for 10 years on a battery with the newest and smallest mangOH platform for sending edge data

Aridea Visitor Kit

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In the post COVID age, keeping track of visitors at your facility is more important than ever. The Aridea Visitor Kit was designed to replace traditional visitor log books. Visitors simply scan a pre-generated QR code and they are immediately issued a visitor badge and their access is logged. All visitor activity can be

Aridea Solutions Fever Kit

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The Aridea Fever Kit is a no-touch, portable device designed to screen people for fever. An individual simply places their forehead five inches from the sensor and using infrared technology, the microcontroller takes three separate temperature measurements and compares them to acceptable temperatures ranges. A LED will turn red to indicate a fever or

Aridea Solutions Smart Aquaculture Kit

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Terrayltix Smart Aquaculture Kit is equipped with multiple sensors to improve and simplify remote water quality monitoring. Experts list a large number of parameters that must be taken into account in order to favor aquaculture productivity. The pH and dissolved oxygen levels are some to consider. Additionally, other chemistry limits are also recommended to protect

New Industrial Asset Remote Monitoring Solution

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Bundled solution simplifies industrial IoT by pairing Sierra Wireless Octave™ with Microsoft Azure IoT Central The FX30S-AZR-0101 (U.S.) / FX30S-AZR-0101G (outside U.S.) is a complete edge-to-cloud solution based on Sierra Wireless Octave and Microsoft Azure IoT Central. It offers quick, easily deployable, intelligent and reliable industrial IoT device connectivity, allowing companies to securely manage,

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