Kerlink Gateways Powering City of Rotterdam Network that Provides Multiple Services & Free IoT

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Modular CENT-R Platform Allows the City to Swap Out Equipment for Various Services and Future-Proof, Sustainable Smart-City Functions Expanding its presence further in the Netherlands, Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), recently announced its outdoor LoRaWAN® gateways are being deployed in a novel, smart-city network in Rotterdam based on

Wirnet iStation from Kerlink

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The Wirnet iStation is the ideal LoRaWAN gateway for your outdoor deployments With a strong and robust design, Wirnet iStation has been thought to support your smart city, smart industry, or any other smart project, combining simplicity of outdoor installation, unique superior coverage and operational excellence. The Wirnet iStation is a LoRaWAN gateway that specifically

Kerlink & WEGoT launch project to save more than 10 billion liters of water in residential and commercial buildings by 2024

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The partnership, which expands on their previous joint projects in India, supports their goal to accelerate adoption of WEGoT’s solutions to help address serious water shortages in India. WEGoT, an Indian provider of IoT water-management systems which was launched in 2015, calculates that its systems in more than 30,000 homes and 40 million square feet

The Internet of Remote Things: Budding scientist packs a Wirnet Station in Kerguelen

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Known for its ability to ensure robust performance in harsh climates and locales, Kerlink’s Wirnet Station LoRaWAN gateway has taken up an experimental, temporary residence on the Subantarctic Kerguelen Islands, a windswept archipelago in the south of Indian Ocean – also known as Îles de la Désolation. Kerguelen is a French Subantarctic Island discovered in

Kerlink & HYDRAO installing world’s first LoRaWAN smart-shower network to lower water consumption at U.S. hospitality chain

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The French Internet of Things companies’ combined technologies are expected to reduce water use by up to 1 million gallons a year for Hostelling International USA, (HI USA), a U.S. nonprofit with more than 30 hostels. The system created by Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and HYDRAO, which

Kerlink & Microshare Collaborate Again in LoRaWAN Building-and-Asset-Management Solution from Aramark

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AIWX Connect Uses Information from Building Systems, Sensors & Occupants to Provide Real-Time Data About Building Performance and Help Protect Occupants from Covid-19 “Smart IoT solutions that closely monitor both occupancy and status of buildings and facilities are key to reopening spaces that had to close because of the pandemic’s spread,” said Charles Paumelle, Microshare’s

Use Case: Kerlink and Sensing Vision Show How Small Cities can become Smart Cities

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“We reversed the usual IoT process. Instead of adapting to the available technical solutions to deploy, we identified Saint-Grégoire’s needs & the improvements and efficiencies we wanted to see. With Sensing Vision and Kerlink, we created the ideal smart-city network for our small city.” For several years, the Saint-Grégoire city council and managers followed

Kerlink Wirnet™ iStation: LoRaWAN® Outdoor Gateway for IoT

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The “Wirnet™ iStation” is the ideal gateway to support your smart city, smart industry or any other smart project, combining simplicity of installation, unique superior coverage and operational excellence. Key DifferentiatorsHigh performance, reliability & robustnessCarrier grade design with excellent heat dissipationSemtech Reference Design v1.5 components.Security HW and SW architectureSecureBoot (Signed firmware)SecureStorage (keys and certificates

Brochure: What’s New IoT – Winter 2020

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See what's new in IoT from Richardson RFPD! The Winter 2020 brochure includes new IoT supplier partners, new and featured products, and bundled IoT solutions. DOWNLOAD NOW

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