EverSmart Clean: Predictive Cleaning

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Make the move to demand-based cleaning: Save time, money & resources The cleanliness of indoor spaces has never been so important. The need to reassure occupants of their safety is a major challenge in today’s environment. Luckily, Microshare has the answer. For more details on the cost saving benefits and data driven approach of EverSmart

EverSmart Air: Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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Studies show that improperly calibrated indoor temperature and humidity enables the spread of bacterium and viral infections. The health of indoor spaces and the wellness of those within used to be taken for granted. The pandemic put an end to that complacency. Today, tenants, residents, customers and returning staff are asking: Is the air in

Case Study: EverSmart Solutions at work in the Geneva Chamber of Commerce

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Microshare has helped the Geneva Chamber of Commerce create a smart headquarters building Microshare's EverSmart solutions are helping the world return to a workplace that is safer and smarter than it ever was. From Air Quality to Room Occupancy, from Fridge Temperature Monitoring to Predictive Cleaning, Microshare's solutions are delivering actionable data that is helping

A grassroots reaction to air quality fears: IoT-in-a-Lunchbox

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It’s come to this: Parents in New York City’s public schools, rightfully concerned that students are breathing air that may be dangerous or affect their ability to learn, are sneaking CO2 monitors into their children’s backpacks. CO2 buildup is common inside buildings, particularly older, poorly ventilated ones. And parents surmised that if the school’s handling

Microshare White Paper: The Future of Commercial Facility Management

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What’s next for your facilities management team? In this white paper, Microshare explores the transformation of modern facilities management, once a tactical role now utterly transformed by the global pandemic. COVID-19 has vastly raised the profile of these professionals and created new constituencies who care deeply about what they do and the safety and efficiency

White Paper: Real-Time Location Tags for Enterprise Customers

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from Microshare Apple AirTags, Tile trackers (the original tag, now enhanced by Amazon), or the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ are the current crop of contenders promising consumers the dream of “finding anything anywhere”. Enterprises looking at using these solutions for tracking their own things or people need to evaluate how they work and their suitability

Dashboard Demo: How EverSmart solutions can transform your facility

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Video from Microshare Microshare Chief Product Officer, Charles Paumelle, demo's some of the dashboards available from the EverSmart suite of solutions, as developed by Microland, for a healthcare provider. These dashboards show how IoT data is driving improvements in patient care and facilities within hospitals.

Case Study: Smart Facilities data for the hotel & hospitality industry

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EverSmart technology unleashes cost savings as it reassures guests and empowers staff The Hotel and Hospitality industry was hit hard during COVID-19. But the pandemic appears to be abating, revealing a changed world with new expectations, investor demands and regulatory requirements regarding the safety and sanitation of indoor spaces, the responsiveness of hotel facilities and

Case Study: Asset Zoning for healthcare facilities

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£1bn saving potential: Reducing operational costs and improving healthcare outcomes by helping staff locate vital equipment quickly With one study showing nurses spending up to 42 minutes per eight-hour shift resolving operational failures such as missing medications and broken or missing equipment, there is a great opportunity to improve efficiencies and increase time spent with

Supply chains, chip and sensor shortages: Surviving the crunch

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Beginning with the onset of the global pandemic in March 2020, massive disruptions to global supply chains of all kinds began making headlines. Focused at first on medical equipment and so-called PPE, the disruptions quickly spread to global manufacturing, particularly those products requiring silicon chips, semiconductors and other digital and electronic components. These problems

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