Technology: changing the face of health and safety in the workplace

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Orange blog: Around 2.3 million people worldwide have work-related accidents every year. Technology is critical to improving workplace safety, even in the most hazardous environments. Some industries, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, transportation and oil and gas can be particularly dangerous. Regulations and best practices, like those suggested by the United Nations Global Compact regarding

Orange Blog: 13 best practices for securing smart connected products

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Security needs to be a critical consideration in developing applications based on smart connected products. Here we offer advice and best practices for businesses. Enterprises in all sectors are looking to smart connected products to launch new services, improve operational efficiencies or make users safer. But they will struggle to sell services if security concerns

Second site: how IoT can drive connected construction forward

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Construction projects frequently struggle to meet notoriously tight deadlines, and budget overruns are commonplace. To drive competitiveness, construction companies need to maximize usage of equipment and resources and gain every edge they can. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help deliver that. Construction sites are packed with heavy equipment, from dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers

Building clever: smart buildings and AI driving enhanced experiences

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Orange blog Buildings are becoming more than just smart. They are interconnected, communicate with people inside them, create positive emotional reactions and deliver memorable experiences. Digital technologies are enabling all this and making buildings safer and more environmentally friendly places to live and work. What sort of digitally-enabled smart building experiences can you look forward

Orange Blog: Building the foundations for the return to the office

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The so-called “return to the office” has dominated much of the discourse over the last few months, as companies debate whether they should demand workers resume full time on-site presence or adopt a hybrid model. Much of the conversation has focused on the cultural benefits of office versus homeworking. The focus is on mentoring younger

Orange Blog: The future of work in the field

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Debate rages about the best way to work – at home, in the office, or a combination. Yet the conversation around digital workplaces often overlooks the fact that many people don’t work in an office and can’t work from home. That doesn’t mean they should be excluded. Technologies such as 5G, AR and IoT could

Green-tech and Industry 4.0: supporting a sustainable future

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Orange Blog Imagine running your enterprise on current funds. No more revenues coming in. This is exactly how we've been running our planet since July 29th, known as "Earth Overshoot Day," the day when our demands on ecological resources in a given year outstripped what the earth can generate. The United Nations (UN) recently

Orange Blog: Data quality, AI and how ethics can be a competitive advantage

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"Artificial Intelligence, just like any other tool, can be misused. AI does not decide to be bad; it is us, humans, who make ill-advised use of it. Claiming that tools are taking over is thus a fallacy. But it is true that AI can be programmed to act poorly. But how can we prevent deliberate

Water shortage: can technology help cut water consumption?

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We are in the midst of a global water crisis. According to the United Nations, water scarcity already affects more than 40% of the world’s population. As such, clean water and sanitation is the sixth of the UN’s sustainable development goals, its call-to-action to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. Technology, including the Internet of

Smart buildings and the new office: how digital can enable the way forward

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Workers are beginning to go back into offices, and employers need to find ways to manage the continuing COVID-19 situation and ensure safe, productive working environments. With so many different factors to manage and organize, smart buildings will play a vital role in the return to the workplace. They also promise to deliver additional wider-reaching

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